How come everyone doesn't see that most the music today is linked to the occult?

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If you believe this is nonsense then check out this site, won’t take a min and there are no ads or anything on it.. If you watch any of those videos tell me how they aren’t satanic?

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Brutal honesty is best

Which occult has done the most damage of all?
The christian message veiled in threats and coercion.

Jack the Christian Heretic!

Can i sell you a tin foil hat for $20 Mr paranoid conspiracy freak?
I watched 311, Norah Jonahs, The Martix, Fight Club, and V for vendetta, The Beatles Hall and oats Jackson. They are NOT absolutely i can say this with 100% CERTAINTY NOT in any way shape or form satanic. The narrator fails to understand even the most basic premise of Crowley let alone his religion. Hell he can not even say Alister correctly. This is pure propaganda and it is beyond worthless.
This person equates a stream of counsiness as “Satanic” times time after time. A stream of counsiness is simply thought. So what thinking is Satanic?
This man would see a PB&J sandwich as an evil satanic message because Jam tends to be red and red symbolizes blood and peanut butter is brown and is a nut that grow on a vine out of the ground. this we can see that a PB&J sandwich symbolizes Christ’s blood mixing with mud and making it impure by spreading it with a knife a symbol of murder and sacrifice. Furthermore is is between 2 slices of grain bread and as we all know grain is used to make beer a symbol of drunkenness as well as the fact that pagans ate bread and used grain as a symbol. To think that we server this sandwich as a health meal to children when all they get is a health dose of Satanic thought.
“If you watch any of those videos tell me how they aren’t satanic?” No i am sorry that is like asking “look at my formula and tell me 1+1 do not equate to 603938.” I refuse to lower my intellect to such an absurd level that a 3 year old would laugh at my stupidity. I bid you good day sir

Actual Answer

As an occultist (and a musician) I can tell you that we are not responsible for the vast majority of music out there (most of which is absolute crap).

Pirate AMâ„¢

Most likely because it isn’t and that this claim has been made over and over again for the last 50+ years.
This claim was made about radio, tv, movies, etc, etc… If evil exists, it only does so in your mind.

Adam B

there is an expression, “to a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” the point is, although you may spend lots of time thinking about god and satan, most people don’t let either concept control their lives or their art.


I know, right???


Ha! Ha!
You’re talking to a guy who, right now, is listening to the Soviet National Anthem.
It’s really not political. I just find it’s a beautiful piece of music.


I don’t know or care what the occult is, and don’t see what that website has to do with “most music today”.


occult means “hidden or secret”….it does not mean satanic or evil or anything negative.
(not that satanist’s are negative…just saying).
Edit: rioteer28: Lol! 🙂

Fascist asskicker

What about all the classical,country and western,big band,folk,choral,brassband,etc. music?

Funny Liberal lol.

I don’t believe in God personally. I don’t believe most of the music today is “of the occult.” It’s just plain crappy that’s all.


YE BE A WITCH! or at least a heretic of music, anyway.


Another propaganda site set up by the moral minority to take away our freedom of choice.

Government Issue Bear

garth brooks and creed are the most satanic things out there.


and of course the servant of the greatest evil occult force would know.

Terry W

…Because it is not. Just to pick a few does not make it ‘most’. Actually most music today is just to make money, therefore mainly to do with capitalism. Is capitalism evil?
Also you miss all the music by Carl Jenkins, Tavina, Rittor and the many – many who deadicate their work to God.


Music is music.


One could argue that Christian music which gives praise and glory to a ‘Jewish Zombie’ of whose flesh and blood you partake of could be considered occult by those unfamiliar with your beliefs.

team jacob

dude i understand what ur saying and yea its wrong and i kno i shouldnt but every now and then ill listen to some slipknot…but ima christian. but yea thats over the top and most of these ppl’s comments are so fuggin stupid

Moe Peace

just like no body see’s that almost every thing else is.


I watched just one of the videos – randomly picking Christina Agulara.
Lots of sex there, but nothing occult at all. Not even close.


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