How come crop circles are never square?

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Makes me think something funny going on 😀

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hm..i dont know, why don’t you go try making a square crop circle? -_-


when you are am high you can never walk in squares.

♥ Liz ♥

Hints the name crop “circles” Not crop “squares” Therefore it makes them circles and not squares.
🙂 Easy

Fenway Wookie

Because squares aren’t part of the aliens language.

Christopher D

Because aliens see in 4D.
Or because humans think circles are more geometrically friendly and look sophisticated.
Or, there actually are some, you just haven’t seen’em yet.

Legalise cannabis

because a man with a stick and a rope cant make squares only circles


because the people that make them are drunk and can only
go round in circles


its not that they dont exist its just that the CIA is hiding them.


It’s easier to irrigate.


Circles and Squares are shapes 🙂


Because then they wouldn’t be crop circles – they would be crop squares!


That’s racist!!!1!!1

Weasel McWeasel all that & chips

because in order to get those perfect patterns, you have drive a stake in the ground, and then form perfect circles, with a long cord or rope.
Most brainiacs who waste their time doing this……….haven’t figured the complex mathematical equation necessary to form a perfect square, using the same method.
The circles are just easier…….and more fun when drunk.
and who ever heard of a square space ship anyway?

System Airey

Bits of string on the end of posts out in a field scribe circles, not squares. That’s why

Chaz D

wouldnt live up to the name


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