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how come astrologists don't annoyingly brag about use of words which refer to astrology?

i have yet to hear an astologist ask why people use terms like “disaster”, which literally means “bad star”, a term which was originally coined by astrologists. they don’t insist that use of such words in any shows that people really believe in astrology. why is this?
gypsy, you’d be surprised.
it’s not an etymology error. it’s actually what it means.


  1. I think most of us like to keep a low profile and besides, who the hell worries about such trivial things?
    EDIT: LOL! I know you’re right about that one.

  2. That is known in Linguistics as the Etymology error.
    At one point ‘martyr’ meant witness and later one who died for what they believed.
    At one point ‘ekklesia’ (church) meant ‘called out’ but you can be fairly sure that the users in the Bible times were unawares.
    Awful meant ‘full of awe’. And until quite recently ‘prevent’ (pre-vent) meant to arrive before something else, as in ‘I prevented him’.
    So you are arguing from some magical view of what words are. Their history is very logical actually. Are you sure you aren’t some off religious followers, Swedenborgians maybe. C’mon, fess up.
    You are, aren’t you. Pretending to be something else.


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