Home Discussion Forum How clearly do you remember your past life?

How clearly do you remember your past life?

Do you remember being born? Dieing?
Who your spouse if any was? what you did in that life?
For example
When I was 15 I went thru a past life regression
It brought me to a country estate , not sure of the time
but in europe in a small village where I was a wealthy young man who wanted to form a covern, I went traveling around
europe to find my covern members, mostly girls and two guys.
I think it lasted 20 years , we settled in doing our activities privately, when the two guys raped the town’s mayor’s daughter,
the village sent a mob to my estate and it forced everyone to leave except my wife and I , everyone went and disappeared.
I remember growing old and seeing a grove on my estate with a dead looking oak tree in the center and just staring at it, I also remember the stairway to the alter used to have a red carpet and was stone going down stairs
and i have a bit more detail for those interested
what experiences do you have?



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