• For me zen meditation reduces my stress level and my anger. It allows me to focus more at work and avoid procrastinating. That alone helps me in relationships and at my job.

    But zen won’t magically get you a wife or a better job, etc.

  • When you meditate you are letting go of expectations and the constant chatter of your mind. You have a chance to sit quiet, and feel yourself in the moment, aware and alive. You must find your own way. Prescribed paths lead you to follow instruction rather than find awareness. Zen instruction is a matter of questions with little to do with detections.

    What is the usefulness of being more clearly aware? I will leave that to you to find out, if you wish.

  • Buddhism isn’t against it, just against *wanting* any of it

    so if its a tertiary objective on the lower part of your list it should be fine

    Meditation can help with logic, thinking and stress

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