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How can you train yourself to see spirits without using self hypnosis or years and years of meditation?

there are all these books on how to train yourself to see ghost, spirits, angels, gnomes, and demons, but most of the tecniques involve self hypnosis which is what I’m trying to avoid. Is there a way to gain astral sight over night?


  1. Read, and study your Bible, the only way is to let GOD bring you to that place. Hmmm! I do believe that there was another man named “Joseph Smith” who allowed himself to be “deceived” by an angel of light, which was Satan , so don’t think you really want to go there.

  2. I don’t know about that. Watching television at night when the kids go to bed is the only time I watch television. I watch ‘Paranormal State’ on A&E for entertainment, and they use funky contraptions sometimes. You can watch it, it comes on Monday’s.

  3. I’m not sure if you can train yourself..and really not sure if you would want to. I’ve had demons come in my dreams and they come to torment. Demons can hold you down and depending what kind of demon it is, they can even rape you.

  4. Well you can try meditation;which is nothing like self-hypnosis so I say give it a try. Also astral sight comes about when your mind is totally open,like when you are a sleep or in a meditative state to where nothing else is able to penetrate your consciousness. I hope that helps a little.
    Blessed Be !

  5. If you have a camera that photographs infrared, then you can take pictures of UFOs and see them through the viewer. I don’t see why you couldn’t also see ghosts, too.

  6. all is needed is that “extra” sense (may be the 6th, why not), that extra sensibility to the so called undersworld…..some humans and all cats are just born with it.
    …were u born with it joseph?

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