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How can you tell what color Aura you have?

And what do the different colors mean?


  1. Your aura isn’t one color,it is connected to your emotions ,So just as your emotions change so dose your aura. A happy person will have a bright light colored aura (Example ” Wow she is Glowing!”) ,while a angry aura is black. love is pastells and sadness is a dim gray. you get it now.

  2. I think they say blue is good like serene and red is bad like anger. I can’t remember the others. That would be cool to have that camera that guy mentioned. Where would you get one? I can just picture the look on the kids face at Walmart in the electronics Dept. if I ask for the Camera that takes pictures of peoples auras.

  3. From what I heard, an aura is your body signature in accordance to heat, electrons, and other mental signals your mind/body produces. So, a person with a hyper personality and who is always thinking will have a stronger aura becuase he/she is producing more flow (or something like that) with the chemicals/electrons/and other particals around him/her. This means that the aura will appear bigger around the person and maybe a more vibrant color (because of the heat produced). Someone the complete opposite will have a weak aura and will not have a giant colorful vibrance surrounding them. The colors would be a little more faded or darker.
    With this information, I also think that people with weaker auras (who think little of themselves and do not have a vibrant personality) are more apt to attracting other bad company whether that be human, animal, or even just a cloud of negativity (being stirred up of course). Heh, well, those are just my thoughts anyways.
    >>I’d say I’m in between with the vibrancy and faded colors. I have a very strong sense of self but I find myself not trusting too many people fully or a fear of being around people (it’s not a bad fear, I’m just not used to being around people all the time). I guess you can call that green?
    One more thing. Since I based the aura theory on heat, I believe that people and animals (yes, animals have ’em too) have an array of colors depending on their internal output (mood/responsives/sense of anything).
    That’s all I can think of and….sorry if it didn’t really make sense.

  4. It normally depends on what type of person you are, like if you have high self esteem or low self esteem, or if you are very generous and giving.
    Some people have a pure color aura while others have a mixture of colors. However, different hues will mix in depending on your mood.
    Say you have a pure silver aura, but you were feeling particularly angry. Your silver aura would have an outlining of black and/or red depending on how angry you are, and why you are angry.

  5. Mine is a green/yellow colour. I find it easy to see aura’s. All living things emit light frequencies, that I can see, even in the dark. In fact in jungles and high growth area’s, its so intense it produces enough light for me to walk about at night, where everyone else is experiencing pitch black. 🙂
    The different colours relate to your current health and emotional state.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  6. The colouration of auras is really meaningless because the means of acquiring ESP are not standardized. The colours vary according to the method used.
    Auras are pretty much redundant as a means of assessing and object or a person, because *seeing,* as practiced by LOS NUEVOS VIDENTES (The New Seers,) involving total perception down to the fundamental Word-of-God energy level of existence enables in-depth analysis of anything- including fake or obscured visions.
    A person should go all the way to becoming a *Man of Knowledge,* rather than stopping halfway, or allowing oneself to be diverted into a spirituality dead end, that only leads to mediocre death. when one *sees,* nothing is perceived as it looks in the Natural World.
    Therefore one is guided by a disembodied Voice which unerringly explains everything one *sees.*

  7. Well, first of all, you should understand just what auras really are. I am able to see auras, so I have done a lot of research on the topic in order to better understand this ability, and I have come to the conclusion that, contrary to popular belief, aura sight is actually not a supernatural ability, but a form of synesthesia. (For anyone who doesn’t know, synesthesia is a neurological condition in which your senses are wired so that a stimulus in one sense produces a response in another. For example, a synesthete may see a certain word as being a certain color.) In the case of aura sight, subconcious signals about someone’s personality and emotions (from body language, facial expression, tone of voice, etc.) are interpreted by the synesthete’s brain as a color and/or texture. For someone who is already acutely sensitive to these subconcious signals, as I am, these colors can be incredibly vivid. For me, seeing them is both very useful, as it helps me be more aware of what others are feeling, and is a very beautiful, spiritual experience, even if it isn’t supernatural.
    Now, as for how to find out what color you have… I’d say that the only way is to ask someone who sees auras. Even if you see them yourself, it can be incredibly hard to see your own- I still can’t see mine with any regularity. But keep in mind, different people perceive the same personality as different colors, so you could get many different readings. (I have friends and family members who see auras as well, and we often disagree on what color somebody is.)
    As to what the colors mean… this is a little more difficult. There isn’t a direct correspondence between one color and one personality type- it’s more that the specific shade and pattern of color that one individual has represents that individual. (By the way, someone’s aura can contain more than one color.) I suppose some generalizations can be made- for example, I have noticed that people with light blue or light gray auras tend to be intelligent, people with dark blue or purple auras tend to be introspective, people with red, orange, or magenta auras tend to be passionate and outgoing, etc.- but like all generalizations, they don’t apply to everyone; there’s much more nuance to it than that. One color, however, seems to have the same meaning in any aura that I’ve seen it in: there is a specific shade of very dark gray, somewhat like the color of a thundercloud, but that somehow feels cold, heavy, and prickly (as I mentioned earlier, sometimes auras have a texture as well as a color). It is an incredibly unpleasant color, and it always signifies something very emotionally wrong with a person- usually either depression or intense anger.
    Also, people’s aura colors change to a small extent based on what they are feeling at the time- anger produces the dark gray mentioned above, sadness produces a grayish-blue, and love produces a warm, glowing gold.
    Keep in mind, everything I said above is just based on how I see auras. Synesthesia manifests itself differently in different people, so others may see them differently.
    By the way, as for the “aura camera,” or Kirilian imagery, it’s actually a misconception that this records your aura- it actually records electrostatic discharge from an object. While the images it produces are unquestionably beautiful, they do not represent auras. If someone is offering “aura photography,” they are either misinformed or scamming you. (I would give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the former!)
    Hope this helps!


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