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How can you tell the difference between someone who is just shy vs. someone who is snobby?

I’m a shy person and a friend of mine says she can tell I’m just quiet and shy rather than “too good for others”. She was talking about someone who gives off that snobbish aura and said I wasn’t like that.
But how can you tell the difference between shy and snobby?


  1. while it may be hard at times I say the snobby person usually has that look on their face. You know the look like they’re smelling dog shhhhh.

  2. I have a very shy friend. A snobby person will say or do things that make it clear they thing they are better than people. They might say, “Can you be live he wants to marry this girl who cleans houses for a living?” They will frown and be unfriendly or act condescending to people who they feel are “lower” than they are. Shy people will smile, even a nervous smile, not say such things, and hang out with people they like who may or may nit be sophisticated, have a huge amount of money or education, etc. I can tell the difference right away.

  3. Shy people are friendly when you speak to them first. Snobs aren’t. A true snob also probably cannot go very long without telling you they’re better than you, even if you don’t speak to them first.

  4. Shy- tends to be friendly when someone approaches them, smiles even if to themselves, can make good eye contact, keeps to him/herself and is reserved but knows how to be polite and courteous to others, including unsavory people.
    Snobby- says nothing at all, no manners, will bump right into you, ignore you, sometimes even say things behind your back to their “friends” if they have any, has that look on their face like they don’t care about anything and just has that “i don’t care” expression.
    as a shy person i can tell right off the bat who’s what.

  5. Sometimes it is hard to tell if someone is shy or if they are snobby. Sometimes people just make an unfair assumption that someone who is quiet and shy is snobby, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. For some reason people think that a quiet person is looking down on them or has it all together, when in fact that person just might not have a lot to say or might not like to share their opinion all the time. People really just need to stop making assumptions or keep assumptions to themselves unless they know a person.

  6. Someone who is shy will still smile and generally be a pleasant person…just not necessarily open and extroverted. A shy person can be outgoing, but is not always the first person to volunteer to lead a large crowd. If you are a quiet person then you may come across as guarded and yet friendly.
    A snob will tend to discriminate to his/her liking against people for their own reasons and can be perceived as obnoxious, stuffy and outwardly guarded against a certain demographic. A snob will think they are better then others around them and through body language and/or verbally make this known. A snob thinks highly of themselves and ensures others know it. Snobs arent regarded as friendly people, in the sense your friend is speaking about.
    One can easily tell the difference between a quiet/shy person and a snob by how the person acts when a stranger speaks to them. A stereotypical snob will usually act entitled. A shy person will act normal and you will notice right away that they are just quiet and not being quiet because they are selective.
    That being said, I have known shy snobs. So just because you are one doesnt mean that you cant be both. I dont mean YOU personally, but I mean that both traits can be found in the same person…but obviously your friend was telling you that you aren’t both. Just quiet 🙂

  7. I have crippling shyness, but i don’t think that I am a snob. You see, a snob will stand up for them self almost to the point that they tick someone off so much they want to hit the little snob. Truly shy people will just keep walking or take the punch.I don’t know. Are you the kind of person that judges and hates on others or do you help the person that has slipped?
    O{ ^ . ^ }O

  8. well, shyness can be confused for being snobby. U can automatically tell who’s snobby by someone’s attitude towards other ppl and the look they give off, but that too can be confused and mistaken with shyness.

  9. Snobby people think their shit don’t stink ,and walk around being rude, self centered , materalistic and are shallow.
    Shy people have kind hearts and are nice people who are just quiet.


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