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How can you tell the difference between black magic symptoms and a mental illness? mythology folklore?

I mean, somebody that has Derealization may feel very spacey,,tired, weird and all sorts of symptoms and black magic can make you feel the same symptoms so how somebody differentiate?

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  1. Pretty difficult to do.
    Black magic tends to produce mental illness. It will make use of all sorts of stuff in mythology & folklore in order to scare people.
    Many people are pulled into this stuff as children. The people involved are trying to call up demons & in their eyes children are particularly good bait.
    Psychologically, what happens is that part of the child’s consciousness splits off through fear. This becomes an “alter” personality which takes over in extreme circumstances or subject to certain triggers. Once the split has occurred, the alter can appear to take over throughout life. As an adult they would have no memory of this, only blank times when they cannot account for where they were or what they were doing. The alter is in fact an unconscious protective personality who is there so that the conscious person does not encounter extreme fear-inducing situations.
    Unfortunately exposure to these extremes leaves people seriously mentally damaged and quite likely to similarly abuse other vulnerable people in later life.
    Technically, it isn’t mental illness but it is severe mental injury. In fact, what is caused by these things is a form of PTSD. However, the general understanding of mental issues is such that even most leading “experts” cannot tell the difference between mental illness & mental injury.

  2. “Magic” is simply an old-school explanation for things we now understand better. So in medieval times what we now call derealization and recognise as a condition, we would have put down to witchcraft.
    A bit like God really…

  3. Since Black Magic or religion or any superstition is an irrational belief in something which does not exist……….then I don’t see the point of your question. If they are suffering from some form psychological problem then that may point to some form of mental illness but they would be advised to seek medical help if that’s the case. Consulting a priest or shamen is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

  4. If it is Black magick, there are ways of protecting oneself from Black magick. If you take those steps and the conditions persist, then it is a mental illness. Or, it could be a mental illness brough on by a firm belief in Black magick and so, a counter spell will do the trick but it isn’t really magick but as long as it works, wh cares why?
    Black magick does in fact exist but is extremely rare. If you skeptics would ever come into contact with it, it would make you a believer real fast. It is however, rare and so your chances of getting into contact with the real black magick is not likely, unless you seek it out.
    So go ahead skeptics and do it, I dare you.
    Blessed Be

    • Boloi(the black art) isn’t simply a “cultural ideology for explaining human misfortune” as a non-believer may treat it. Boloi does exist, and has the power to influence a persons mind.

  5. Wiccans do not do “Black magic” any more because it is against our Law.
    I do not think it is any magic, voodoo just a health issue.

  6. I have laughed off black magic for years and I was a sceptic but after i went ‘mentally ill’ for a few months i realised that this stuff is real. I wasnt put on any medication, sectioned or even visited the doctor instead I prayed (a non religious person) and i’m back to full health. Its your decision what you believe in and people can laugh at me but there is no way I could of been mentally ill just for a few months its not possible.


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