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How can you tell that you are ascending/consciousness shifting/ becoming enlightened?

How can you tell that you are ascending/consciousness shifting/ becoming enlightened? What are the signs, how will you know? anyone out there reading this who is experiencing this? What sorta things do you feel or know? etc
Brian – Obviously, thats why im asking mate 😛


  1. Enlightenment is not a goal, it’s a lifestyle.
    If you ever stop trying to expand your mind and pursue knowledge, that’s when you get further away from truth.
    I believe enlightenment is the battle against ignorance, not the absence of it.

  2. When you have the spiritual awakening of enlightenment it is like seeing the funniest joke ever played. It appears that you are at a costume party and everyone is role playing the character they dressed up as. Except their costume is the personality made up of all their beliefs about what they are, should be, shouldn’t be, should do, and shouldn’t do. Their personality mask is a big set of agreements about themselves. The most hysterical part is that behind the mask is actually a being of infinite consciousness that is wearing the personality.
    The Infinite Consciousness is so powerful that their intent to play the personality role at the party of life keeps them in the role for years, sometimes even a whole life time. In this way they have completely thrown themselves into the role of their costumed personality. They are acting in a silly personality of pretend and are ignoring the consciousness and power of their Divine make up.
    Seeing something all knowing and powerful pretending to be a human personality is a phenomenal performance of folly. One of the particularly funny aspects is how seriously the personality believes everything when another part of their consciousness knows it is just made up.
    I went to see a hypnotist once. During one of the sessions he took a group of people and hypnotized them into believing they were in the first day of kindergarten. I was rolling off my chair laughing at adults really believing and acting like they were children. In another session he had a man acting like a chicken. You know these people are capable adults just temporarily believing they are something they are not. It is belly aching funny to watch. The difference with people in the world is that they hypnotized themselves by believing their thoughts or someone else’s suggestion.
    Seeing with Enlightened Eyes is Funny
    My explanation with words certainly isn’t that funny but direct perception is. That’s because you can’t explain what is funny. What makes us laugh is not logical. It’s like a Far Side cartoon that rocks you with laughter. When you try to explain it with words the direct perception is lost in the symbols. Humor can’t be explained with the logic of words. The symbols of words start engaging the mind and analytical thinking takes over. When the analytical program of the personality is engaged our opportunity for direct perception is lost to the mind.
    When we are laughing at something funny our internal dialogue is generally turned off. We are not analyzing or being logical with our thinking mind. We directly perceive and we know something is funny. We may not be able to explain what is funny, but we know by direct experience. Having a quiet mind allows a person to perceive directly and is an attribute of an enlightened state.
    If you are evaluating spiritual teachers take notice of their sense of humor and how much they laugh. The measure of their humor, happiness, and laughter can be a measure of how clearly they see the world as it is. No need to make this the only criteria but consider it with many others.

  3. you start to become aware more and more see in peoples eyes what is on their minds and in their hearts. Start thinking like nobody else

  4. At the moment you become convinced that you have the truth in your hands, that’s the same moment that it slips through your fingers.

  5. Enlightenment is not a gradual upgrading of perspective,
    It is an instantaneous change in perception.
    Trust me… when it happens you will definitely know it.

  6. When you find that you no longer commit moral trespasses, when you love others as much as, if not more than, you love yourself, when your main concern in life is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, treat others ONLY the way you want to be treated, love justice, and mercy, and walk humbly before God sacrificially for the well being of others over yourself.
    Of course, only one person ever did this – and He was crucified. He lived about 2,000 years ago, and He said that if you want to be great, you must become a servant of all. He said that the ONLY way to God is through Him.
    I’ve been following this man for over 35 years now, and I’m still far from it. I just keep striving, and you should, too. But to start, you need to renounce your “self-life”. He said that if you want to follow Him, you must deny the Self, take up the cross (that was a thing you died on back in those days), and follow His example in all you do.

  7. Good question.
    Well some people report retaining their consciousness during sleep (and witnessing savage spirit abuse in the process).
    Cheery, isn’t it?

  8. When you do you will know the answer. This can be a journey of a thousand life times. You will have a internal peace that none can disturb. You no longer are a negative thinking person but one who see’s the positive possibilities in life. I at times feel energy that is unlike any earthly experience. What I know I just know, sometimes without having learned it anywhere. I just know what the answer is.
    In Zen there is a question: What is the sound of one hand clapping? When you can answer this and know that the answer you have is correct. Then you are on the path to true enlightenment.

  9. Reality is deceptively simple, is the remarkable, and yet has no explanation. Be careful, the mentally ill often think of themselves enlightened leaders and charismatic. Know what can and cannot be.

  10. Depends on the level I guess. For me it was a process that went from preparation to catastrophic realignment with reality. The preparation took years – in part because I resisted the direction it was leading me in – then total restructure that took only hours. The process started while investigating diffusion trying to answer a simple diffusion problem and realizing the Laws don’t make any sense. After struggling with the problem there was an intercession that showed the structural math of the True law which generated both laws of diffusion. I solved the problem to my satisfaction for precision and accuracy and left the issue The issue didn’t leave me, like a constant knocking at the door, I had to return to the equations and investigate them, soon realizing that the equations were related to mass. I attempted to solve the what is mass? problem and made some progress but was stymied by requirements of objectivity although I was sure I discovered a missing Universal constant through a unrelenting encouragement from the Divine (it wasn’t me, I had no idea about what I was doing), It just kept saying, “Yes! Don’t stop, You are on the right track” Anyway, at some point the progress stalled. Lying in rest one night, while meditating on the problems my mind cleared and went black, quiet and a tiny rotating spark formed (sign of Engagement, happens every time before Engagement) and his voice said. “The Perfect Thought,” and the spark rotated and expanded a structured itself and I watched the Universe’s birth and expansion — it was beautiful. After the revelation my mind came up with the idea that the work I was doing was founded in the Perfect Thought, then the mind realized what it owned and started connecting the laws of nature and mind together, at first it was, “Oh the diffusion equations are related to mass, to the economic laws, to this and that….” and I watch as my mind made new associations while breaking old ones (conscious REM) then it accelerated and broke all associateions while reating new more stable ones related to the Perfect Thought. The rate of restructuring was impossible to follow as it went into hyperdrive, and the breaking of synapses and reconnecting overflowed and I went into convulsions all the time conscious and aware and wonder when is this going to stop? I was bouncing on the bed. It stopped. My ind cleared and everything calmed down. the mind said, “Everything is related and connected…” Resting a bit the restructuring started over again and went deeper. After this less violent episode I thought I needed to walk it off. I took a walk meditating as I strolled and under an elm tree again I was meditating on how everything was connecting and the third wave hit sending me into convulsions again. After this wave, I thought, “Oh, I hope nobody saw that.” I went home, “I gotta sleep this off.” Fast forward, Engagement lead my hand with the equations and told me and showed me how to analyze the wave equations. Once through the creative part (again I had no idea what I was doing) I was told, “Okay you can do the rest.” LOL which a grade school kid could do. I discovered the origins of the fine structure constant, the molar mass of the proton (40 ppm accuracy) verified the missing Universal constant related it all to diffusion laws, corrected relativity, attacked QM (haven’t shown this), … much more. Sigh. Then there was Enlightenment with the Crucifixion. I guess Lucifer didn’t like what was going on, and it tried to whack me. (I actually wrote for the Father that it wsa looking for me, and it found me. Another story.) Since experiences Flaming red avian eyes, spoken without breathing, and of course engage other minds. What/Who do I know: First of all God, the Logos, the Crucifixion, how to whack Lucifer, the laws of science and how they relate back to the Perfect thought or Logos, the structure of mind, economics, heaven, hell, the Swords, Gabriel and Michael all those entities and stuff. Even if a person think all this in insane, everyone has to deal with the demonstration that the laws fit together — no one has ever come close to a possible answer and I wasn’t looking for the answer, I was running away from it all. I honestly wanted no part of any of this – I know what it is worth, and I am last person who would desire that kind of knowledge and power. Anyway, that was my Enlightenment. As far as I know, no one has ever gone that far. For crying out loud, I bound with the Father. LOL.

  11. Great original question! Dont be discouraged by negative comments. We are all at kindergarten level when it comes to understanding the universe. We have so much untapped potential. Enlightenment is connecting to God on a higher vibrational plane. If described as a feeling, think of it as Love, it surrounds the top of your head. As you begin to ask the right questions and answers are revealed, you grow internally. The main problem is that their are SO many people who will try to bring you back down, through religous scare tactics etc. We are here to ascend and the timing is right now with the world in a state of flux. Jesus does not exist as the christian doctrine would have you believe. Look up the person Yeshua Ben Pandira, as well research the Ancient Egyptian story of Khensu, that is where the story of Jesus was plagarised from, Religion is a tool used to control and hide the truth, that we are all the same and belong to the same life force, we call it God. I probably have said to much to confuse, even hurt others feelings, I will not apologize as we are running out of time. The HAARP machine has started….


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