How can you tell if there is a negative energy/spirit in your house?






Please read this question with an open- mind.

I know this may seem far fetched, but about a year ago my fiance’ and myself moved into a house.
Not long after we moved in, I started to develop severe depression. I can only explain it as an intense negative emotion, but mostly when I am at home. A feeling of complete sadness overwhelms me almost as soon as I walk in the door.
About a year ago, one of my neighbors told us that the lady that used to live here shot herself and died in my living room. Could this be the cause of this negative energy in my house? My fiance’ said that he gets a negative feeling when he is home too.
I have lived with my fiance’ before with no problems, so I’m pretty sure it’s not because I live with him that I feel this way at home. Anyway, any advice would be great, because I am often home alone due to my fiance’s work schedule, and it’s getting to the point where I hate to be home.
Thanks and please no sarcastic comments, please keep an open -mind.
OK, so apparently, the whole no sarcastic thing didn’t set in here. Although I must say that some of your comments were amusing. Yea I probably do suffer from depression, but I still think my house is haunted and that doesn’t help me at all. I do also believe that if I didn’t know what happened in my house, I would be better off. And for all the helpful advice, thanks.
For everyone else, well I guess I’m glad I’m here to entertain your bored selves.
Also to answer some of your questions.I do live by an Exxon Mobile, and train tracks. I also don’t have a basement, and I have heard that sometimes if you don’t have a basement raydon( don’t know the correct spelling) can seep up from the ground.
If that means anything. My house is pretty old and we may have mold and old paint as well.
And basement Cat, I also forgot to add that my electrical system is very outdated. So if you can give me any more info on what you were saying, it would be very helpful, thanks. Because that does make more sense then having a spirit in my house 🙂
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  1. Who you gonna call?
    Actually, I have read some interesting studies about low frequency vibrations inducing emotional changes. Are you by a factory or large road that may be giving off noise too low for you to hear it?

  2. Spirits have nothing to do with how you feel about yourself. If you suffer from depression, then you need to figure out the reason and see a doctor, not an exorcist.

    • if you really believe what you are saying
      i suggest you do a little more investigation
      let me say something in 486 a.d. there was a scientist
      name haperatia she believed that the world was round not flat and thast it rotated but everyone would say it is imposible ;;; the people would fall off the sides people just didn’t understand the way things worked
      you know that the christains killed that woman ;; now for my point things are not always they way people see them in fact there are many things going on around us that we cant even see just like the atom boy but that atom that we cant see can be very harmful don’t you think it will take a very long time before people understand there are a few that do understand but there in hiding why because of the lady that was murdered because of what she believed ;; beware bad times are comming

  3. You can feel it. Sometimes you can see it.
    Sometimes it is in a piece of furniture that may have been used by someone dealing with the occult or witchcraft. I know people who have moved out of houses where strange things occurred and foot prints were evident on their ceiling after hearing the noises. If you pray to God in Jesus name and this does not put you at peace then I wouldn’t stay there.
    Know that God will protect you if you believe that he will.

  4. Well, it’s hard to take you seriously when you admit that you were told about the suicide about the same time as you moved into the place. If you didn’t know about the suicide and still felt this way, then we would have something to work with. This is obviously your minds working overtime over the suicide. If you are so susceptible to such things, then maybe you shouldn’t have bought the house. If you can’t get over your “negative feelings”, then maybe you should sell the house and move on. Better yet, get some counselling because most houses that aren’t brand new have had deaths in them.

  5. in order to be as objective as possible, psychologists and lawyers have suggested the use of leading questions be curtailed.
    “A leading question is a question which subtly prompts the respondent to answer in a particular way. Leading questions are generally undesirable as they result in false or slanted information.”
    So be careful when you talk to others about stuff like that. You just asking could lead them to make a false statement…and then you wouldn’t know For Sure.
    (examples of leading questions)

  6. I can categorically say that your house does not contain negative energy or a spirit, any more than it contains moon dust or pixies.
    There are no such things as negative energy or spirits – these are things that our primitive ancestors made up to explain things that they did not understand.
    I’m sorry that you’re going through a bad time at the moment, but it’s called “life” – shit happens and you have to deal with it (and, no, I’m not being unsympathetic here – I too suffered from depression a few years ago. I got over mine with the help of my wife, my friends and my doctor.)

    • my friend just because you don’t believe don’t try to convince other people you opinions — do you believe in jesus as a god or the son of god like the bible states if you don’t then what i am about to say wouldn’t even matter when god was crucified after 3 days he rose walked around and people saw him wht would you call that our people of the past explaining something they didn’t understand just because you don’t see an atom doesn’t mean it’s not there in fact if you split an atom in half it can and will distroy an entire city pretty big for something you can’t see
      people beware bad times are comming

  7. it is possible that the previous occupant is in your house, and is sharing her feelings with you
    however, you need to rule out non-spirit causes of what you’re feeling before you jump to that conclusion.
    check for fumes (from paint or cleaning products). check for mold, and check for electronic devices, wiring, and outlets that give off high amounts of energy. all of those can make you feel what you described.
    ok. everything gives off an e.m. (electro-magnetic) field. if the e.m. field is too high it reeks all kinds of havok.
    you say your wiring is outdated? that might be part of the problem. the protective casing around the wires might be stripped (worn off), or just so old it doesn’t work anymore.
    there are two things you could do. hire an electrician to check it out, or check yourself. they sell e.m. detectors at hardware stores, and probably electronics stores (like radio shack). follow the instructions and see how high the e.m. field is in your home.

  8. The electro-magnetic expanses of the departed may give rise to unanticipated changes, quantity produced by an energy/spirit in whom possesses poor-qualities that will ultimately take effect on the possessors of the home.
    The idiosyncrasy of this old woman is not beneficial for you or your fiance’.
    Truthfully, your domain is possessed. Never let any one tell you what is it you know to be occurring. All comments may seem to be plausible. But are inferior ones.
    If this entity is in fact the poor old woman who killed her self in your place of residence, this verily contradicts about what the Bible mentions about [Hell]. ***LEER*

    On any occasion have you heard the saying misery loves company.
    The old woman wants you to violently end your life, too.
    Do not become vulnerable to this negative energy/spirit or possession may take place. This may include long-periods of naps, pharmaceutical effects, intoxication, etc. If you ever experienced suicidal thoughts or attempts, you should contact one who specializes within your circumstances. Or move.
    Cleansing the house with burnt incense may help.
    These fragrant odors are supposed to compel away negative energies or spirits, like repel against rodents.

  9. I was wondering the exact same thing. We moved into my house when it was about 2 Years old in ’08, and we have 10 acres out in the sticks with a 2 acre man made pond, if that matters. Anyway, about 3 months ago when everyone was asleep I heard someone/something knocking on the door/house really really loud three times. I was almost asleep and it was enough for me to wake up my Husband of 20 Years and after he saw my concern he went around the house with a gun/flashlight, and nothing/noone…?? So, I purchased some white sage sticks, and after reading this and what I’m going through which is so simular I’m giving my house a thorough cleansing with my rosery beads and saying the Lords Prayer. Please contact me if you would like. Good luck, and God Bless!! Robin/Georgia

  10. i feel the same way when I’m home. I’ve owned my home for several years. The last year and a half, i started feeling ill, i hated being home. i left my job, i just couldnt do anything anymore. ,y family life is great, so im not depressed. i went to vegas for a week with family and felt great but once i got home i felt like i hated my home and angry right away. i do beleive in negative energy. i truly beleive that people that surround you and are envious of your life and comment about your life and wish you no success has a lot to do with it. I met a lady once who said ” jealousy is worst than any spell” she also said people who wish u harm can cause for you to have negative energy.

    • hello,
      I had a wierd experience. I live in my flat for 6 years already. and i lived here without problems and i find this flat with so much luck because i got so much luck in my career. then one day, i got engaged and my fiance moved in with me and he invited an old lady whom i did not realize at first has intentions with my fiance and she is totally jealous and as well as she is working on energy as profession. and she was into breaking us. my fiance was quite naive that he is not so quick to pick up what kind of intentions people have in him and he is totally friendly that he got abused. so, after this visit of in our flat, we fought like cats and dogs and i became a negative person that i was a very happy positive person before. and one wierd thing is, where this woman stayed during her visit, i get depressive when i enter the room and i wanted to kill myself…i fight with my fiance endless…and i cannot controll myself anymore like someone possess me….i am not myself anymore and this room we had so much bad memories because we fought so hard after this old woman came here and visit. until now i suffer and i got sick really sick that i have to be medicated and have therapy. a lot of my friends and collegues who have known me for ages have seen the huge change in me and especially i lost weight. yes, she was very, very jealous. any advice what to do? i am really desperate. i went already to energy healers and as well as shamans they told me someone left me a negative energy and 4 different spiritual pracitices i consulted and they said the same. but still this room caused us our relationship. any advice??? If someone can, its a life saver.

      • this message is for bubbles this person that came to your house is very strong with negative energy you must seek help you have to act quickly if i am right you are in danger i have heard of this and it is very bad but not hopeless but you have to act quickly and stay strong i can help for a little while go to the store buy 2 candles one white one yellow light the 2 candles go to the front of the door where the woman stayed put one candle on one side of the door and the other candle on the other side of the door you wil light the candles in the morning before the sun goes down you will start to feel better but this will not last long this will just buy you sometime to you get the help you need people beware bad times are comming there is no charge for my help a thank you will be just fine

  11. I know what you are feeling that is how I have been feeling about the house I live now and I had found out that every family that lived there before had done bad things so maybe it has been that way since the house was built. I would like to know what you have done about it please contact me on my email. It is

  12. Hello,
    For starters have your electrical updated, along with getting rid of the old paint and mold. They all have a bad effect on health and can give you feelings of being “watched” and uneasy etc.. If you feel frightened and think there is an entity in your home, talk to it out loud. Tell her that you are not there to do her or her home harm (although she may not like any construction). Usually spirits (if there is one there) are trying to tell you something or get a message out. If you cant live with that, i would say move.

  13. i have similar problems i never had depressin till i moved to my home 24 hrs after being here i knew i wasnt right i have had a priest bless the house didnt help then a psychic who cleared it and said there was negative residual energy from previous tenants bringing me down there was a change in atmosphere after that but i can feel the negativity building again and now i just want to move asap i am not strong here and not myself a year ago i wouldnt of even thought any thing like this could happen to me will let you know if it lifts for good when i move and its not all in my head 🙂

  14. I know EXACTLY what you are going thru!!!! I just purchased my home a yr and a half ago. I moved in and things were fine. just about 3-4 months ago I started feeling alot of anxiety and being miserable only when I stepped foot in the house. I can’t go in the basement, something about it scares me. My mood are so up and down within the house and I was never like this before. Extreme overwelmness, depression, not being able to relax. I found out last week that there is a spirit stuck in my basement ( reason I do not go down there ) and that the only reason it is effecting me is becuz I some what believe in them. The spirit will not move threw out the house except the basement becuz of my 22 big dogs that live there. I would suggest you doing a house cleansing. I am, I can’t keep living so miserable. I know it sounds weird but it is nothing to mess around with or brush off. these spirits are real and although most wont harm you but I have had 20 lbs mirrors mysteriously fly up flip over and smash at 2am while im sleeping. Imagine waking up to that??

  15. Okay, I ended up on this site trying to find answers to my problem. Here ya go, have a field day being nasty if you like but I know what I am feeling and what is going on in my life. We moved into an apt about 8 months ago and before I even walked into the door I caught myself hesitating to enter. I immediately hated the place! And since we have moved here, we have had nothing but negative things happening. My husbands job (which is the reason we moved here) is a complete nightmare. I have not been able to find work, our vehicles keep breaking down, we have to keep seeing doctors for different illnesses, we cannot keep up with our bills, we fight and in 15 yrs of marriage we have not been the type to argue. We are both depressed, our ears ring so loud when we are home that we can’t hear the tv. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is something about this place that just is NOT RIGHT! The lady who lives below us is very very negative, I tried to befriend her, carried her groceries and baked goods, listened to her problems, ect. Now we are having issues with her, we have even had to call the police on her a couple of times. She is very over sensitive to noise, we cannot even walk across the kitchen floor without her pounding on the walls. She told me herself that she has lived here almost 5 yrs and hates it, she said the place just depresses her. This building was built around 1959 and has 8 apt units in it. But only our end of the building seems to have this effect on anyone. We have openly talked with our neighbors about this and no one else has the high pitch ringing in their ears or negativity. There is something, and I don’t know how to pin point it or get rid of it. We cannot move out because his employer has us in a contract and they are the ones who supplied the apartment. Someone PLEASE give me so honest (not mean) ideas of what to do to help, besides moving. HELP!! Oh yea one more thing our bedroom is directly above hers.

    • it might not have anything to do with the woman who shot her self and it could be that’s the first thing you have to find out ; also you might have gone somewhere and picked up some negative energy and you bought home with this has been known to happen but it also could be the woman that’s why it is important that you find out when and where it started and not make a mistake about it because if it is not the lady and you just think it is and in fact it was something you bought home and that lady is also present she just might be sending you warning signs and if she;s there in fact trying to help you you don’t want to get rid of her i don’t know if your understanding me but you have to be sure thank you everyone bad times are comming

    • Thank you! I live in an apartment and ever since I moved in here I felt something was not right. I even asked my doorman if something happened in this apartment, like, did someone die in it or anything. He said not that he knows of. This was a “corporate” apartment before we moved in. There is just a deep sadness in this place. It is a beautiful, huge, spacious apartment, too! First I started getting depressed, then I could not get myself motivated to go outside. I would stay home all the time. I went to doctors, specialists about depression. But I knew there was something not right here. When I would go outside, I would feel fantastic. It was as soon as I came back into the apartment that I started feeling sad again. Now my husband is starting to experience it now. He is exhausted all the time, getting depressed/sad, not happy about his job. He doesn’t believe that there is anything here. My cats look around like there is someone here. It is not a mean spirit at all. I feel it is just so sad that I feel this weight. And bad things started happening to us almost at the same time that we moved in here. Money problems, job problems, illnesses, deaths, etc. I just wanted to know if anyone had such experiences. And to someone reading this they could say, well, that is life, my dear. Grin and bear it. But the feeling in this place is indescribable. I am glad to see that I am not losing my mind and other people know what I am talking about. thank you.

      • Hello,
        I just read your entry and I experienced a similar situation since we moved into our house 6 years ago….a feeling of sadness when I am home and feel so much better when I am not. Also, the minute I first set foot in this house, when we first looked at it, I felt sad from the minute I stepped into it. It’s a very pretty old house and we have renovated the kitchen and decorated nicely but it still feels the same.
        I see your entry is from 2014, how are you doing now?

        • This is exactly how I feel in my house. I live in my mother’s old family home, and they were miserable unhappy people most of the time. I too, have more money problems, cars breaking down, and just general problems than I have ever had anywhere else. As soon as I leave the house I feel immediately better. Being in this house, I am depressed and anxious and feel that all the energy gets sucked out of me. I sense there are spirits here, I don;t see them but feel their presence sometimes. I really want to move.

  16. I was just looking for an explanation of why my 12 year old and 16 year old grand sons say they can’t sleep at their dad’s new house because they feel a heavy energy in their room. They say they always feel like they’re being watched or someone is creeping up behind them but know that nobody is there. I thought it was a little strange that they both feel this when it’s a brand new house and shouldn’t have any lingering energy

  17. I feel a hateful energy in my new house, Been praying out loud and dismissed it today earlier. So finite it attacked one of my cats in front of me and made it seizure while it beat it! I grabbed my cat and he went limp and I told that thing to get the heck out! You don’t have a body anymore! This house is mine now and I appreciate your lessons so you can go now. Sigh. I will probly be dead and get my dream place in Heaven. A small sturdy house with level floors, and solid barns for my animals where their feet and bodies will be dry. I am so, so tired.

      • Hello my name is Merissa I’m 19 years old
        Strange things have been happening in my home
        Well my parents home I still live with them
        But I work at home until I can move with my boyfriend
        Anyways about two years ago this September 15th my grandparents both were killed in a car accident the last place they were at was in our home…
        But since they past away I’ve had very vivid dreams
        About seeing them up in heaven and hugging me you know a sign saying I’m safe don’t worry.
        But that’s not the issue…
        I am a nail tech in training I bring a lot of people
        Into my home to do nails
        My mom has depression
        I have bad anxiety
        My father doesn’t believen spirits
        So I know this is going to sound crazy
        One evening ( everyone was awake)
        Doing our own thing I was petting my dog
        Rubbing her belly all that cute stuff
        In the hall way I felt this weird…. Scary
        Feeling like someone was trying to pounce and scare me so my cat was also there it felt so close to me…
        I had no technology on like no head phones in
        No laptops on just me my dog n cat
        Then I heard the most saddest/Scarist
        Voice…. I’ve ever heard it whispered my name
        So crystal clear it said ” Merissa…”
        My eyes opened wide up I SCREAMED!
        I ran down stairs like a baby too my only sibling
        He said ” what’s wrong? You look scared to death”
        I cried telling him what was wrong ( our parents are hard to convince when it comes to this stuff)
        My brother believed me he felt my heart racing from shock he knew I wouldn’t scream for no reason
        Two months later after visiting my. Boyfriend
        I’m back home I keep hearing things I haven’t been able to sleep in a week in a half!
        I know I am a young adult but I’m terrified
        I tried burning a candle saying a prayer
        Nothing’s worked I tell it goodnight in my mind
        It leaves me alone for a bit
        But my dog scratched at my door and her eyes were big she’s starting at my door not wagging her tail just scared it was 5 in the morning! So I don’t know what to do… I’m going crazy no ones died here
        Oh! & one more thing my mom told me
        That she was using the washroom one night
        So she thought my father was in there with her
        She said ” what are you doing?”
        Then she realized my father was asleep
        In there bed 🙁 she said it was a dark shadow
        It doesn’t hurt us just scared us!! Please I need. Answers 🙁 I need to get rid of it whatever the hell is in my home

  18. Came here for answer. My family and I have lived in our Dutch Colonial for 11 years. We were so happy in the beginning but now, my wife and I are separated. Reflecting back over the years so many negative things have happened. Financial problems, fighting, depression, all sorts of problems. I became an alcoholic at one point, sober for 3 years. Strange occurrences with with entities. Such hate. Now when I drop off my children I don’t want to go in,I’m at peace without the house. My dream had turned into a nightmare. I kept wanting to die the last few years there, even saying the word under my breath. No longer now that I’m out of that house and have found the Lord.

  19. My bestfriend lived with us for 2+ years,when she lived here we had good moments,until I started working,we started fighting,it got to be everyday..but when she moved out,she came to visit couple times to tell us she was OK.but u can tell by looking at her she wasn’t,was a drug user..
    But we got a call saying she was dead and she had been choked/herself and was strung out. I believe that after she past away she kept coming here,and I always knew when she was because our house has nothing but fighting going on. I think my son is more mean when she’s around,ever since her death my kids are afraid to be alone,his bedroom was her room as well.anyhow when I ask her to leave,we don’t have anymore issues.. so I do believe it’s her negative spirit that vibes our home.her parents do a cleanse when they feel negative going on as well.. What do u think?

  20. My house also feels so heavy,, and thats the only way to describe it really.there are huge thumps on one wall that can be felt, knocking on my sons bedroom wall, things falling, yet cannot find anything out of place. Health problems, financial problems, depression (for me definitely).my husband had a heart attack nov 27 2015, and his dad had died in this home on the same date years ago. He thinks I’m probably going crazy because i seriously believe something is wrong with our house. Also a few summers ago, we tore out an old sidewalk, and when we flipped the sections over, 2 of them were old handmade gravestones with names and dates etc. I made my husband haul them away because it was very spooky. Does anyone have any ideas ? I feel like i cannot stand being in this house much longer !

    • Hi. I was in a similar situation only I was at the hospital. Yes all hospitals give heebee jeebees to people, but its the nature of the persons injuries/illnesses really in most cases. This was not the case with me. Some of the hospital felt normal, but I transferred to a trauma unit and the room was almost candle lit dark at high noon. When I was wheelchaired in, the energy was so thick and heavy. Typically there are a few tell tale signs I keep hearing or reading about. But may vary slightly.
      Step 1. Extreme dread and fear in equal measure as well as vulnerability and other negative emotions for no reason
      Step 2. Feeling like I was being Watched from all directions, but know you are alone.
      Step 3. Depending on the situation, my case I felt like spirit acivity was making me feel OPPRESSED (feeling victimized by something/someone).
      Step 4. I felt like a dark history had taken place. First I felt like I was surrounded and trapped. Secondly, I felt like a hostage. Lastly, hostage taker. I had strong visions of deja vu and its true meaning.
      There’s more but I hope this little bit helped

    • Glad to see that I’m not alone in thinking this. I suffer with depression, but I’ve found a pattern in it – I only feel negative when at home. Everywhere else, at work, with others or alone, I don’t feel it at all. Literally within minutes of stepping in the door at home it starts. Sudden feeling of negativity, anger, frustration, wanting to be left alone, feeling like the walls are closing in.

    • Hi There…yes it is possible & i can completely relate to what you are going through…i lost my parents in a span of 6 months in 2012..since then i am living all by myself….having said that i have experienced many changes in the environment at my place (depression,no progress personal or professional,feeling of someone standing behind me when i am alone,feeling of air pressure,sadness). First things first if you can then please move out…if cant then you need is a cleansing..have incense stick…mob your home once a week with sea salt mixed water (as it is earth element)…also have godly figure…don’t flood your home with them..but in important places where you feel there is an issue…
      i have an option to move out..finally will to a new place…but will make sure to follow the above mentioned remedies at my new apartment right from day one.

  21. Well, I think this kind of stuff might happen, even if I do not think a “spirit” is always “evil”. It might be a spirit who has some kind of Karma, and is just trying to escape it. Or it might not be a spirit but just an enrgy that doesn’t fit yours. Who knows really.
    I think the best is to try to move house if it is possible, then you will get answers. If they “heavy” feeling stays, then maybe you are facing some kind of issue with yourself, and if the negative feeling is not here anymore when you move house, then you have your answer. 🙂

  22. To be completely honest this may be a very old story but i may say that I’ve been followed by things because of my great grandpa he would kill girls and rape them . I moved from my first house because someone had died in it and about a montha after we lived in this house my sister had earphones out she said she would put them away because she didnt want to be choked and she also told my friends that an old hag who was a witch died here and she put them away and locked the closet as always we’ve been scared of closets for reasons that are unexplainable and well around 3:00 am she woke up and she said she felt someone choking her and she had two bruises on the side of her neck after a while i got severe depression and i didnt know why it wasnt genetic at all and i didnt have a bad life in school i find out that one of my friends did something in my house and i started to hear someone call my name i began to do what it said and one day i woke up i saw a lady figure and it felt hateful and demonic .. Depression is one of the effects in a negative and hateful haunting .. A demonologust told me and he cleansed the house and me because i was the most affected.

  23. I really need help I’m 13 and my parents got divorced when I was 3. My dad bought a house 2 years a go at the moment I go to my dads every other weekend. Ever since he bought the house I’ve need feeling really depressed and hear things in the night, when we get up nothing’s fallen or out of place. Sometimes I feel like someone’s watching me. The house feels heavy and whenever I tell my dad he just laughs I recently told him agein and he now thinks I’m crazy and need mental help I’m on the way to not wanting to go there anymore and I now I’m not crazy because I feel fine at my mums and basically anywhere else my dad is now very depressive. Can someone please help! Urgent!!!

  24. I have just moved in to my new flat . I was very fit very up beat and took care of my self . But now I can not be bothered with the gym don’t care what I eat and feel And drinking a lot for know reson . I am stressed and panic all the time . Is it the flat I don’t know?

    • Chris,
      I had a very similar situation. Two years ago I moved into a new apartment, it was beautiful, spacious, abundant light, and wonderful views. Shortly after I became sad, an unexplainable sadness. I started losing my savings, didn’t fit in at my job. Couldn’t focus and lost a ton of hair. My son began rebelling. I felt like I lost complete control of my life.
      In complete despair I reached out to God and Jesus.
      It changed my life!!!
      I also moved.
      I moved into a smaller apartment with less space and less light. But somehow, I feel sooooo much better.
      I definitely think certain places are contaminated with toxic energy.

  25. I definitely do believe in “energies” and from my experience they do travel along train tracks. Keeping the house windows open as often as possible and filling the house with as much natural light as possible definitely helps, create a cross ventilation/breeze to allow all the stagnant air to be moved out.
    You also mentioned that your electrical system is old? This can be hugely negative to your body and mental well being. Your body creates positive ions and so does the electrical wiring in your house (unless it is earthed correctly) too much positive ions in the body creates inflammation thus leading to a physical sluggishness and general feeling of being unwell, Which in turn messes with your psyche – depression, etc. (Mold does this also).
    Replacing your electrical system would be the best option but who has that kind of money laying around. Having a technician from your electricity provider come to the house and check if/or how well your house is eathed would be a good idea (being earthed reduces the positive ions -the bad ones- and increases the negative ions -the good ones-)
    Correctly earthing your house will help to clear that heavy energy feeling you are experiencing.
    You can also do this to your body. Bare feet on fresh earth, or wet concrete also is good. The best is to stand in the surf, the ocean is the best source of negative ions. If you can’t make it to the surf, a moderately flowing stream/river is the second best option.
    If you don’t know anything about earthing, think of it like this-
    Your body absorbed positive ions(little electrical floaties that create more electricity in your body) your body cant release these positive ions by itself. When standing bare feet on the earth or in the surf, you are creating a circulatory electrical current, releasing the positive ions from your body into the earth and absorbing negative ions into the body (negative ions are like empty batteries that are going to absorbed all the ‘loose’ energy in your body and thus become positive ions and released back into the earth- through your feet.)
    Ever walk into an electrical store (where all the switched on tv’s are on display) and you can just feel that buzzing/humming energy coming from them? That positive ions -the badies.
    My advice, try earthing your house. Loose energy really messes with the body.
    Windows open and lots of natural light.

    • It’s possible that’s there’s more, there is something l want to suggest that you try.
      I want you to take a broom and start sweeping the sealings on down the walls really clean every spec of dust any durt you can find in your house, l want you in each room and sweep or vacuum the floors of each room in the house. And sweep any remaining dust or durt out your front back or side doors, sweeping it out side.
      After that get some sage sticks and burn them in each room while facing north say the prayer while facing south east and then west saying a prayer do this in each room of your house any prayer. I learned this technique from a bunch of Indian women lve done this to my house a few times it’s really helped me.

  26. Yes, you are probably feeling leftover negative energy. I feel it instantly when I walk in to my mothers house. Try saging the house. That is known to clear out negative energy. You can look online to find out how to do it . I decided to move back into my mothers house to save on rent, and I had to get out of there. There was so much negative energy in there and like a feeling of depression, an. As soon as I got out of there I didn’t feel it anymore. So yes it very well is most likely the energy in the house. And being that the lady that lived there before you committed suicide, she was most likely depressed. Definitely try staging.

  27. You who are having spirt propels need first to accept jesus as your savior. Any pla e I move in to i pray out loud. Lord jesus pleas get rid of any and all evil who can harm anyone or pets in this house
    Lord I trust you and rebuke satan. Lord clear the ground and all things on this property. Blessings all people and pet and any items brought into this house. IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST I CAST OUT ALL EVIL LIVING HERE. I pray that this house will be clear of any one or items who is causing problems to our family. In JESUS holy name .

  28. I moved into my house 3 years ago this July and I don’t like living here anymore. We found out shortly after we moved in that the previous owners son died in this house he was only a teenager. Ever since I found this out I have not felt right in this house. We have re done the whole house but still doesn’t feel right the only time I’m really happy is out of the house I dread going home and also get an overwhelming sadness in the house is this just a coincidence or do you think there is more to it?

  29. I recently started having bad energy start with in my house. I came home and all the screws to a door were lying side by side on the floor, and the cat was going crazy right in that area also/ i also started having really vivid dreams of sadness or fear. So i smudged my house and put black crystals over the doorways…helped a lot.

  30. I moved from Queens, NY last year to a condo in CT Memorial Day Weekend. I left a bad relationship & couldn’t be happier to be back in my home state. I was happy all the time in that condo, good vibes, motivated to do everything & anything. I cleaned that house top to bottom every week, I had a bunch of friends over almost everyday to hang out & I was absolutely happy. It was like this for the whole summer & fall. Come December, I noticed the vibe of the house starting to change. I was no longer so motivated, people only came over if they wanted something from me (mostly friends I graduated with too broke to buy their own booze), & I started feeling like there was a presence in my house. I thought they were good spirits so I left it alone. They’ve gained more power to the point that I can see them in pictures, a naked eye, I can feel them & hear them. Then I started feeling worse & more unmotivated. I started getting sick all the time. I was sick for like 6 weeks straight at one point with no reason. I feel depressed & anxious more often, people have drifted from me & my love life is god awful. I had the man I’m in love with over for 3 days & when he left his attitude changed. What happened was back in late November, a friend of mine from high school died & she was also one of my best friend’s sister. I was so heartbroken by her death & seeing her in that casket that I tried to summon her one night in my bedroom by standing in front of my mirror with a candle & saying her name. I eventually got an answer but I’m starting to wonder if it was her or just a deceitful spirit. I forgot to close the portal. So I asked a psychic & it turns out all the spirits in my house are evil & they’re the source of the negativity in my life & the bad things happening to me. I made a mistake & let that into my house & was unaware of the fact that they were bad so they’ve been there for months now. I’ve tried many different methods to close the portal & get them out but they’re stubborn. Each day feels like purgatory at this point & I’m doing my best to get them out of my house.

  31. What will help.. Is for you ALL… to acknowledge the spirits presence…. These poor souls are lost, stuck and miserable. If your living in a house knowing or feeling like something or somebody is watching you, DONT IGNORE IT. Speak to it and don’t feel foolish. If you keep ignoring him or her its gonna make the situation in your home worse. But if you acknowledge its presence… calmly with respect I promise you you’ll see and feel a difference. These spirits need help crossing over. Its not all demonic and evil so don’t get freaked out. Keep you’re faith and do some research. Hope this helps.

  32. I am married with 2 daughters (15 and almost 10)… we moved into our house in May of 2016. When we first moved in it made me so physically sick I had to stay in 1 room almost all of the time. I attributed this to the previous tenants having multiple animals (I’m allergic to different types of cats and dogs). So I paid out of my own pocket to have carpets and vents ducts all cleaned. This helped both not completely. I’m constantly cleaning vacuuming etc. Since leaving there it feels like we have all begun to have all kinds of different health issues. My husband of 16 years and I argue/fight almost every time we are in the same room together.
    My oldest daughter is fighting with depression which was not the case before. I’ve fallen (without explanation) coming out of house into garage. I’ve had extreme nightmares and headaches (worse than any I’ve ever had in my life) also had to have my ovaries removed (excruciating pain for months before doc finally figured out what was wrong). My youngest daughter says the house scares her to the point where she will not sleep in her room and now won’t even stay in the house alone during the day…even if we are home just in the garage or back yard. Now she is having trouble breathing but only in the evening before bed to the point we took her to the ER night before last. The checked everything even chest X-ray and found nothing wrong. Gave her an inhaler and sent her home. She can not explain her fears.

  33. Yes I believe. There is a spirit of depression in that house. Same one that made the other lady kill her self. Either get out or get someone to pray and clear out the negative energy.

  34. It is happening in my house too. we rented this house before we buy it. the landlord told us her mother died in the bedroom. Anyway. I was not happy to hear that!
    so I told my husband lets rent it for a year or two until we be able to buy a house. after 2 years the landlord said I would like to sell you the house. I freaked out. I told my husband I do not want to buy this house there is a person died here and there is a bad energy all the time since we moved here even tho I am so in love with the area. SO anyway. we bought the house but for some reason I can not sleep in the master room where she died… Now its been about 4 years living in the same house. my husband condition is not so good (depression, head hurts all the time, feet hurts, he is changed into a mean man full of negative energy. I swear!! we fight almost every day and I can not take it anymore. Recently. My son been telling me his Xbox turned on on its self everyday. I said ok not sure why.. so i sleep next to him, leave the door open and i am not joking I feel like there is someone standing right next to the bed and walking small steps and there the Xbox turned on? wtf. I was like WTF that what it just happened? is it a dream?
    So anyway Next day I decided to sleep next to him and I shut the door for 3 days in raw the Xbox did not turn on at night. Yesterday I left the door open. My son wake up saying Mommy the Xbox is on again. Now this is scary…. what do I do? my husband is very attached to this house and he doesn’t want to sell it. 🙁

  35. I know the feeling. My wife and I moved into a house built in 1886 3 years ago. We are very happy outgoing people. She moved out in December feeling depressed. her and the kids are getting help and I feel depressed with no energy. we are selling the house and hopefully we get back together. The word on the street is, the last five couples that lived here either got a divorce or separated.

  36. im always tired ,i feel drained and seem i cant get sleep ,i was born dead at birth and no joke either can feel the enegry of places and ppl as well, i can feel if there is a ghost aka spirit i call them as well, were i live at my brother future wife to be was in a bad wreck as a teen ,her ex was killed ,he hit her and was a bad person, sometimes i think he followed her. we blissed are place ,but we been cleaning the next house next to us, i think they was doining bad thinks in there, since i been there the last few weeks, i have felt something watching me as i sleep, but cant not see this thing, i wake up cold and feel like a mack truck hit me, i got headaches as well every morning ,

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