How can you tell if someone is at a high spiritual consciousness level?





Not religious. We can all say that we love Jesus.
I mean soul growth.


  1. One way I use is to see how I feel after I just left that persons company: do I feel drained, sad, angry, depressed? Do they encourage negative actions, conversation? Often they are a psychic vampire, a negative person.
    When I leave someone who makes me feel happy, uplifted, fulfilled, it is because they have their own energy, are content in themselves, and are positive people. People want to be around them, and they are often the people who inspire someone to be a better person themselves. They are tapped into Something Good, no matter what that is.
    So it doesn’t matter what path (or any) they’re on. It’s who they are, and what they manifest that indicates spiritual consciousness to me.

  2. The truth is we cannot tell, unless we are on the same level.
    In spirituality you are constantly climbing a ladder up to perfection.
    From the level we are on we can see others at the same level, or at the lower levels, but we have no idea about what is happening at higher levels.
    In our present state most of us are not even in spirituality, and it takes proper study of the proper materials, with the right teacher to take the first steps.
    So if you are interested in a method that could guide you there, I recommend the following link, which leads to such study:!%2BAnswers&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=text-link&utm_campaign=semester-winter-2008
    I hope you will find it helpful.

  3. 1. Must be a VEGAN. Who could say they were spiritual and have something die just so they can eat.
    2. Cannot be overweight. Physical pleasure is not spiritual.
    3. Not be religious. Massive contradiction.

  4. i suppose i can tell u how to get there but what will u learn if i do that ?
    the thing is… it’s not a competition. thru learning experiencing ur world and thru thought. it’s fairly easy to give the answers to everything, but that would deprive u of the thing that is necessary for ur evolution.
    in truth there is no telling if u are or aren’t at a high spiritual level. and if u are good for u.

  5. I think a higher spiritual consciousness can be summed up by describing a person who has wisdom and integrity. They are people of true knowledge and do not see the world as others. They do not buy into superficial values, they are disciplined, think deeply about things of the lord, are honorable, understand the value of honor, truthful, have empathy and above all care about pleasing god rather than man. They are also people who go through the most severe trials and tribulation, and are willing to walk alone… amongst a corrupt world so easily persuaded by sin. They are often times the lone voice of truth.

  6. Open your energy chakra’s and go out and “feel” them like you would anything else…
    it’s like feeling their “vibes” the rest will explain itself.

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