How can you tell if someone is an old soul?

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I’ve heard before that some people who have “old souls” have something about their eyes or something that tells they are wise beyond their years. or they have a certain aura or something. What do you all think? How can you tell?

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Senior IC: Yoruichi!

Check if they have Viagra in their pill box.

Truth Fairy {.Cherry // Jello.}

I’ve just heard it described as someone who is mature beyond their years.

Idiocracy Æ

When the soul has a sticker on it that says “Made in 1923”. Now that is old as hell.


It’s an old saying meaning someones a well weathered fellow, or just old person


The eyes are deep with wisdom. They look into you, not at you. The aura is usually rainbow.


There are no old souls. We’re all new to this life. We’re born, we live, we die. End of story.
The ones who seem to have old souls are really just everyday people who have been through hell in this life and have survived through it. They’ve seen, done and experienced things that most people cannot begin to grasp because they’ve never had to deal with the same pains.


Ask then their physical age !
One does NOT have a soul !
When everyone is born God supplied the ‘breath of life’ and he becomes a living soul.
“And the LORD God . . . breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. “ [Genesis 2:7]
Note: man IS a soul, man does not posses a soul
May God bless you as you study His Word

Jacob G

Usually those with a soul which has undergone more incarnations than most is more prone to attract people, they tend to take a shine to you faster. Also, this may be displayed in the thoughts, words and actions. For, thoughts reap words, words reap actions, and actions reap a character, if the character seems exceedingly wise, they are usually very gentle and kind, understanding, and more…in tune so to speak. Hope that helped.

Soulful Kris

Look into my eyes and you’ll see it.

peaceful light

They have beautiful eyes, the kind you feel lost when you look deeply into them.
They do not need teachers, They are masters.
Their wisdom is way beyond their age.
Their aura is a rainbow.

Did I Smell A Kitty Treat!?

The ones that make you nervous because they don’t say anything when your talking about something in a group……the ones that stay reserved to themselves mostly…


What peaceful light, brilliant, and Jacob G say is spot on. Yet you ask how can you “tell”? Well, it would require a recognition on your part when you are in the old soul’s presence, a feeling, a natural warmth, a peacefulness, and you may find yourself smiling and wondering why. And maybe an awakening of sorts. Om Shanti


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