How can you tell if it's astral projection or a vivid dream?

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For instance when you are dreaming but feel really connected to someone in the dream, like a soul mate. And also in astral projection are you going to the future or another present dimension?

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Sari S

It’s just a dream,

Dr.Nice Guy

Simple, it’s always a dream.

Thomas E

When you astral project, it’s so vivid you know it’s not a dream. A vivid dream feels good, but you should be able to discern the two easily.


Astral Projection is shifting your consciousness to your astral body which is ALWAYS on the Astral-Planes.
A good way to astral project is by way of dreams, or DREAM CONTROL*……
Imagine the Astral realm as the ocean. Dream is the sandy beach and lucid dreaming is like walking barefoot in the tide.
Lucid dreaming, for most, is the most practical doorway into the astral world and second to that is the best way to become aware of how much control you can have of the circumstances of your life and how you can pursue the depth of the “rabbit hole” on purpose and with better information retention.


Some dreams are so vivid they have a definitely different quality about them. They may or may not involve astral projection. There are some dreams I’ve had, and I’m not sure if astral projection was involved.
One was a vivid disaster dream. People were dying all around but I was safe. I woke up very shaken by the reality of it all. But I was without a clue about whether the dream was about the past, present, or future. Or about where exactly the events I was dreaming was.
I think we know very little about dreaming.


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