Home Discussion Forum How can you stimulate the sahasrara chakra?

How can you stimulate the sahasrara chakra?


  1. “where are these chakras?”
    “in your body”
    “How do you know can you see them?”
    “No, you cannot see them”
    “Then how did the first person to describe them know they are there?”

  2. Kundalini Yoga is the best technique for this, because it slowly activates all the six Chakras before reaching the last and most important one: The Sahasrara Chakra. This way, you would have awaken all your abilities and prepared yourself for the full awakening of the Seventh Chakra.
    This technique might be slower than the other ones which claim to instantly start with Sahasrara, but trust me, it’s the most – and probably the only – effective one.
    There are many books, e-books, and sites about Kundalini Yoga. I recommend the one written by Swami Sivananda called “Kundalini Yoga”. I think you will find it as an e-book for free.
    Hope I helped 🙂


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