Home Discussion Forum How can you stimulate the energy Chi?

How can you stimulate the energy Chi?

thnx for the answers and if you have noticed I HAVE NOT ASKED YOU YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM on it so do me a favor and get off the page


  1. I don’t know what that is to be honest. Nerve impulses?
    If you want to watch something funny, see “Kung Fu Hustle”, the opening of chi-flow turns a pretty lowly character into a “Kung Fu Genuis” 🙂

  2. you don’t.
    the meaning you are obviously attributing to chi is baloney and what is refered to among martial artists as “bullshido”.
    – basically the problem with “chi” is not that it “doesn’t exist” of which the “magical” energy type you are referring to doesn’t.
    its that people use it to describe different things.
    this runs the gamut from complete bullshido like moving energy and “stealing chi” and no touch kos and chi force feilds to use of the term to describe some trainable aspect like: technique, structure, a combination of technique and natural stregth to generate more powerfull strikes, to just random physical phenomenon or body happenings like: adrenalin rush as a defensive “fight or flight” responce to simply better cardio and health that of course leads to better conditioning and endurance and bieng of better fighting shape.
    thats it, the first category is baloney- the second and third, merely a “misuse” or “mistranslation” or language difference in creating a uniformly accepted description.

  3. Get four chi’a pets and place them at the cardinal points around your bed at night. This will do absolutely nothing but I bet it would look interesting.
    Chi doesn’t actually exist, so you can’t stimulate it.
    Edit: I don’t have to get off this page. You solicited an answer to your question and you got one. Don’t like the answer? Don’t ask the question, CB.


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