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How can you see your aura?

I’ve posted a question about the and thing (looking of to the side of your hand) and someone said it was the Etheric (sp) layer or something. I looked it up and it’s supposedly the layer around the body, but I’ve heard that there were several other layers.
So, how can you see these layers?
Also, when I try the hand thing, I have a hard time focusing. My eyes want to blink to much or something to cause me not to focus real well. How fix this?
Also, what can seeing/ trying to see your aura do? Like, is it just for fun, or does it help you with your emotions more, or what?
Also, anything else I might want to know? I don’t know a whole lot about this kind of stuff. Should I already know about stuff before attempting to se my aura?
Thanks =]
*the hand thing. sorry
BTW, I’m not sure if this was the right section or not.


  1. if you are seeing the first layer … then you are doing well
    so now just take your focus out like a fraction to where the next layer may lie
    just millimetres
    and just relax your eyes … almost looking past what you are aiming for
    with practise this should get easier and the layers will begin to appear

  2. when you get a massive headache you can see what they think is an Aura – little spots of light moving around! that is what makes you puke when you have a Migraine. been there done that! they plug you into a dark Hospital room on a bunch of drips and morphine and sleeping meds until the Aura is gone and the pain goes away! then you never wish to see it again!
    it sucks

  3. Why waste your time staring at your hand? Open your Bible and Behold God the Creator. You are looking for spiritual experiences that are puny. God offers the Holy Spirit where you can receive real power.

  4. The trouble is, the aura is transparent. Like glass. Now, if I took a can of black RustOleum and sprayed one of my windows, suddenly I could see it, as opposed to right through it.
    So, demonstrably, the key to seeing transparent things is to spraypaint them! Just hold out your arm, or some other part of your body, shake the can vigorously, press down on the valve to release the aerosolized paint, and voila! All that black stuff? That’s your aura. It’s real close to the skin, so it’s kinda hard to tell them apart, but that’s it, I promise!

  5. Seeing your own is really difficult – at least it is to me. The only way I’ve had success is with my hands like what you are describing and some people have better luck in low light and some people have better luck outside in full sun.
    From what I have been taught and read, starting with plants and animals is the best way to start and then looking at other people. If you don’t have a willing participant, you can just go anyplace where lots of people are and people watch.
    But I would start practicing with something like a houseplant or a tree in your yard. And don’t worry about the blinking and focus problem. You don’t want to focus too hard. You want your eyes to relax kind of like you are not even paying attention. If you’ve ever looked at one of those pictures that has a picture hidden inside it – magic eye pictures, that’s what they are called, here’s a link to some online if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about and they are good practice for the type of gaze you want anyway – http://www.planetperplex.com/en/magic_eye.html
    I’m not fantastically great at seeing auras, but I can see them from time to time and when I do it’s generally when I’m relaxed and not trying too hard. There are several reasons someone might want to develop the ability to see auras. Some people believe that the colors and shape can indicate another’s emotion, mental, and physical state and can thereby be a helpful tool.
    There are a couple of books on the subject that aren’t bad. One is How to See and Read the Aura by Ted Andrews and another is called Aura Reading for Beginners by Richard Webster. Might be interesting if you’re interested in the subject.

  6. For some people it is very easy and some it seems near impossible. I think of it as the way you would look for a 3D image in those pictures back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It is easier to see an aura in a low lit room and a darker background (not black dark but like a darker shade of beige or even black) but that is what is easier for me.
    Here is a link you can read about auras and it may help you to understand it more………….

  7. Well, luckily one of your contacts is fay so…
    I have never looked at my own aura but I do look at others frequently.
    It is easiest if you lose focus and look at the layer just beyond the skin. I can’t really explain how to do this…I just can…um…
    Check out wikipedia…

  8. I tried to see my own aura by standing in front of the mirror and concentrating on a spot between my brows. I did see my aura, but then I also saw my reflection change many times to faces I didn’t know but seemed familiar to me. Has that happened to anyone else?


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