How can you see the aura?





So I read online that it is in fact possible. And I’ve tried some techniques, but all I can come to see is a faint blue light around people. Nothing more.
How can I achieve seeing the full aura with all the colors?


  1. it really is practice but you can expand your ability by becoming aware of your own aura, linking your hands and slowly allowing them to come apart is a good practice, also feel the aura then ask yourself what colour is it you are feeling.
    to start with you are looking to expand your 3rd eye chakra to enhance your ability to see subtle energy, it is possible to see energy with your eyes though for myself this came well after intuitive abilities had been established it is possible to aim for that at the beginning.
    bio photonic emmissions come from the cells themselves and are essentially a movement so also looking with your peripheral vision for a time can be helpful.
    good luck

  2. Practice more, You are doing good to see that much. Just keep doing some see more others never do. But dont try to force, it like seeing them let it happen

  3. After you have succeeded in seeing the etheric body of a person, it is possible that, with time, you may begin to see the colors of the emotional body, the second layer of aura. During your attempts to view the aura, you may, as you release into a state of effortless reception during your practice of the glancing technique, have the impression of a certain color over some part of the body. You may not think that your eyes see anything, but in your mind’s eye you may think, “yellow!” Do not discount this impression, for it is the beginning stage of becoming aware of colors in the aura, and if you effortlessly maintain your openness to this perception, you may at some point begin to see the color with your eyes. It will be a very fine perception, but it will be real. Trust your impressions of color, and you will find that you saw more than you consciously realized. It may take some time and much practice before you are able to glance back and gain some vision of the colors of the aura around your patient.
    As you practice, just let the colors come. Continue your practice, and you may eventually see various colors around the body surface, and specific details as well. First, in your mind’s eye, and then, with much practice, perhaps with your physical eyes also. Do specific darkened or colored regions appear? Patterns? You may be beginning to see the colors of the second layer of aura, the emotional body. You may even see movement in the patterns or colors.
    Remember that the aura is not something that is seen with the eyes alone. You may look at a hand, for example, and see patterns that have a shape, form and movement, but you may not see them in the same way that you would see a table or chair, because the colors and patterns are not seen only with the eyes. If the awareness required to see them was a product of the physical eyes alone, everyone would always see auras. You must begin to see the aura and its phenomena with your mind’s eye, before seeing it with your eyes, too. As you begin to see the aura intuitively, you will detect everything you imagine you should see with your eyes, and there is ultimately no difference in these two kinds of seeing.

  4. try viewing Auras in a variety of situations, Auras are bound to be different when viewed at a rave party than at a library. different emotions and energy output and all that. also try sensing those who aren’t in you direct line of sight. you should be able to feel the presence of others behind you just by the energy they give off.

  5. it is an inborn gift, seeing aura, or people with their third eye open can see and tell, its a vision of gift. aura can be seen physically by means of nice face, smiling, body language, movements, and also attitudes of a person. if you are gifted with visions and vibes, you can absolutely feel the aura’s of a person. try to read book about mystical visions or something about astral powers.

  6. Meditation can help to calm the mind as well as help open it up to other fields of reality. Practice by looking into a mirror to see your own aura after a 15 min meditation. It may take some time but you will be able to see your aura if you are persistent.

  7. No one can see aura’s, It’s not so much a glow around someone but it’s psychological. For example looking at someones body language gives you a good impression of who this person is.

  8. Three words: practice practice practice. You’ve gotten farther than I have – as I’m too impatient. I can feel auras more than anything, but I can’t see them. So, technically, I’m blind.

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