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How can you see auras?

I want to be able to see auras. How do I go about achieving this?
And if you can see them.. what does it look like?


  1. It’s something you either have or you don’t sometimes after meditation you can see them for a short time or it is posible after a spiritual awakening but most people have it from birth

  2. Just use your imagination. You can make them look however you want, any shape or color. It’s easy. I do it all the time.
    Sometimes I focus on their third ear or third nostril. Third eye doesn’t always work for me…

  3. Basically it just involves staring at someone for a length of time. When you do this, the cells in your retina saturate which leads to something called retinal fatigue. This can cause visual illusions like seeing colored outlines or halos around what you’re staring at. Usually you’ll see the complementary color of the object or background, but if there are many colors, it will be mixed. Auras aren’t real, just optical illusions and wishful thinking.

  4. Yes, Auras are pretty simple to see once you get used to doing so.
    Do you some friends, time and a Large Light you can turn off and on and a Blank hopefully white wall?
    #1. It needs to be a place you can turn off and on the light so move the light in front of the wall.
    #2. Place a friend in front of the wall.
    #3. Have your friend think of a good or bad situation in their life time, a strong experience.
    #4. You need to sit at least 6 feet away from the wall and your friend, but have the light in between you and your friend.
    #5. Turn off the light and you will see patterns of colors around your friend, that would be their aura, but remember? You are seeing the colors through your own auric field.
    #6. Have your friend think of the opposite experience to the first one (e.g. happy/sad/mad visa versa)
    #7. Also if you are not seeing any colors have the person “Fluff” their aura, your friend waves their hands close to their bodies which sometimes helps to make the aura stand farther away from the body to be seen.
    I hope this helps!

  5. I was just checking this out on line,just type in the search bar,how to see auras it will give you tips,hope this helps you out,Tomb Raider.

  6. We are all created with our own gifts because the creator likes for us all to use our abilities differently to help one another, reason why some of us have many experiences that we have the experience to help one another…..anyways I don’t see Auras, but I can read them, and it usually happens unwillingly. Our auras, or countenances, which can almost be the same as reading our thoughts, display the feelings and emotions of our souls. God sees them, angels see them, and Satan sees them. Even very sensitive people here can see them. It happens when I see spirits and or people, I don’t see colors, but when they am thinking about me the same time I am of them is when it happens…this is what I ascertain from these experiences.

  7. Look into the eye chakra (between eyebrows). Focus on the person’s third eye and you should start to see an outline. Make sure that the person you’re reading is standing against a white background so you don’t mistake what you’re seeing for colors around them.


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