How can you say there is no evidence of a creator?





by Shmair Face:

And no miraculous happenings being seen today?? I’m seriously dumbfounded by this. Look around you… The planets and stars are hanging upon nothing – yet they are staying fixed in a never changing orbit. There is a burning ball of energy and heat in the sky – at the perfect distance from earth in order for life to exist. If a human was able to take fire and make a ball out of it and make it float in the sky period you would say it’s magic or something!
If this can be explained only by absence of gravity and by magnetic force , then why when humans and satellites go out into space do they float all over the place?
If you came to beautifully organized and manicured garden out in the middle of nowhere, would you really conclude that it was just naturally that way, not that someone was taking care of it and designed the layout?
What about how the body heals itself. Though it’s a slow process, if a human touched a wound and it healed instantly you would say it’s a supernatural ability. But our body’s ability to heal itself over time isn’t?
The only reason these phenomenons don’t seem miraculous is because we were raised seeing them. But lets say all your life the ocean was flat and no waves ever formed. Then suddenly one day they started forming…. Wouldn’t you wonder who caused that?
You don’t have to answer all my questions, just, in a nutshell, how can you say these aren’t supernatural powers?
1 Corinthians 1:26 For you behold his calling of you, brothers, that not many wise in a fleshly way were called, not many powerful, not many of noble birth; 27 but God chose the foolish things of the world, that he might put the wise men to shame; and God chose the weak things of the world, that he might put the strong things to shame; 28 and God chose the ignoble things of the world and the things looked down upon, the things that are not, that he might bring to nothing the things that are, 29 in order that no flesh might boast in the sight of God.
Yep, you’re right…I’m pretty dumb. But God still values me.
1 Corinthians 3:18-20 – “Stop deceiving yourselves. If you think you are wise by this world’s standards, you need to become a fool to be truly wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God…”
1 Corinthians 8:1b, 2- “knowledge makes people feel important (puffs you up), but love strengthens others (builds others up). Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn’t really know very much. But the person who loves God is the one whom God recognizes.”

Answer by El Bandido
Easy: there is no evidence of a creator!


  1. blackholes are keeping everything together.
    seriously in the center of the galaxy are blackholes.
    how do you know that there wasnt life on other planets? but they were jsut at the wrong distance and all died?
    i would say that a garden is naturally like that or a person did that.

  2. I could excuse blinding ignorance if this were still the Bronze Age but this is 2008. We understand to a good extent how and why the human body is able to heal itself. We know about gravitational forces, orbits of planets and the like. We know why the ocean has waves (and it’s not a “who” that causes them).
    Why do some people insist on ignoring countless centuries of knowledge (or trying to twist it so it fits their ancient scriptures) just so they can “prove” their god exists?

  3. To URthe1: Actually, the Bible is NOT historically accurate. Take for example the story of Jonah and the Whale. This was based in the Meditarranean, of which there aren’t and were never in fish large enough to swallow a human.
    And to answer the question, those examples you listed are certainly explained by science and there is no SCIENTIFICAL evidence that there is a ‘creator’. This however, does not mean there aren’t. As with aliens, there isn’t quantitative OR qualitative evidence supporting their existence but this doesn’t mean that aliens don’t exist.
    Humans and satellites by the way, do not ‘float all over the place’ in space. If outside the space craft, humans would die and be pulled into an orbit. Apparently, there’s a screwdriver revolving around the earth.
    That is why religions are largely based on faith.

  4. Your question is so 8th grade…
    But here we go, by the time my response gets up itll be old news:
    Gravity is the force of a spinning object creating a vortex of particles constantly moving inwards. This is not breath-taking. Flushing a toilet is an example of relativity on a small scale. If nothing is spinning, there will be no vortex and thus no gravity.
    Metabolism, once again: why would NATURE and evolutionary process create a species that a simple fall or scratch could kill them, leave them open to OTHER organisms, such as bacteria to attack? Your debate for healing is weak and can be explained by quantam physics and the evolutionary process: healing is a defense mechanism and not a rehabilitation-type scenario. If it was, we would heal perfectly and scars and shit would not exist. Healing is only to seal a wound so that micro organisms and viruses cannot defeat us.
    A Garden, yet again – microbial activity in the soil takes care of the roots, the pH, the nutrients and basically anything else involved with growing vegetation, so yes: they are being taken care of, but by a natural process of germs doing thier jobs to maintains their lives, another example of suvival of the fittest. God has no place in a garden, bacteria is the force by which plants strive – which by the way is the prime example (bacterial reproduction) that scientists use for proving evolution.
    And just because something is happening does not equal intelligent design. And okay, lets assume soemthing DID cause those waves, who said it was all-knwing and all-powerful? Who said it has a list for us?
    Technically, I could take a baby, make it set up dominoes, hit them over, call it intelligent design, the baby starts crying, so I call the scenario Original Sin for pissing off the oh-so intelligent creator, and everybody would have to believe me based on that premise? Fuck that.

  5. ” how can you say these aren’t supernatural powers?”
    Very easily. Paley’s argument from design has been refuted for so long the only amazing thing is that it’s still around.
    Your solar system physics are simply appalling.
    “If this can be explained only by absence of gravity and by magnetic force “… do you have any idea what you are actually saying?
    and as for the “perfectly manicured ” bit…
    Open your eyes wider. There’s a Sacculina for every kitten, and an Ichneumon Wasp for every rose.
    “I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created the Ichneumonidae with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of Caterpillars”
    Charles Darwin.

  6. If I came upon a beautifully manicured garden I would know that someone made it that way. However, the universe is exactly the way it would be if the laws of physics worked on matter for a few billion years, not the way it would be if a master gardener planned everything out precisely.

  7. None of the above are valid examples to support the argument for a creator.
    Come back and see us when you have new VALID arguments.
    Edit: Posting bible quotes isn’t going to work on us either.

  8. How many times do I have to say it? Nothing that you are pointing out has been created, it has been transformed. Another thing, you are pointing out only good things, how about earthquakes, diseases, poverty, violence, death, what about those? Do you consider them miracles as well? Everything that you mentioned, it’s a process of life. If everything was created, nothing would had changed. Dinosaurs would be alive, species wouldn’t disappear, human races would have been only one. The creator whom has “created” all this controversy seems to me pretty erratic if his intentions were to “create” a perfect world as many of his followers seem to allude.

  9. Your profound ignorance of, well anything, makes me wonder how you are even able to use a computer to ask this question. Did someone else type this for you?

  10. Actually every year all of the planets are getting closer to the sun. The Moon is also getting closer to the Earth.
    By the way saying “God did it” is not answer to a question.

  11. because evolution teaches there is no divine creator.
    Everything happen by natural circumstances
    Therefore they believe there is no need for God.
    God does not therefore exist because of the natural processes we do not need the Supernatural process, a creator.
    No creator then there is no need for the morals of the bible.
    We can make up or own morals.
    Of course all that is wrong God is real and evolution does not explain everything by natural processes. People who believe strongly in evolution feel they have no need for a Godly creator.
    Hence they do not see what God has created because they are spiritually blinded by the deception of the Devil and evolution.

  12. well, the sun is not stationary, it is constantly in orbit.
    so its not just “fixed in a never changing orbit.”
    we float in space because of the change in gravity.
    nice gardens can hardly compare to the entire universe.
    the body heals itself slowly because skin cells heal a bit slow.
    if the ocean was flat then the moon would not be in orbit, and obviously it is so that paragraph is completely irrelevant.
    you have no argument.
    on the other hand, all these things are beautiful (well maybe not skin growing back) but that doesn’t mean they are “miraculous” or “supernatural powers.”

  13. Because they’re NOT “supernatural” in the least.
    Each thing that you bring up has perfectly natural causes, that the facts and evidence support.
    Your claims that these are “supernatural” are UN-supported by ANY facts or evidence, so your claims… FAIL.
    That you DON’T understand or WISH to understand the sciences behind those things is only YOUR problem of being willfully ignorant. But, willful ignorance in no way “creates a creator”, so you are the only person affected by your willful Bad Choices.
    Evolution is a Fact and a Theory
    by Laurence Moran
    When non-biologists talk about biological evolution they often confuse two different aspects of the definition. On the one hand there is the question of whether or not modern organisms have evolved from older ancestral organisms or whether modern species are continuing to change over time. On the other hand there are questions about the mechanism of the observed changes… how did evolution occur? Biologists consider the existence of biological evolution to be a fact. It can be demonstrated today and the historical evidence for its occurrence in the past is overwhelming. However, biologists readily admit that they are less certain of the exact mechanism of evolution; there are several theories of the mechanism of evolution.
    Well evolution is a theory. It is also a fact. And facts and theories are different things, not rungs in a hierarchy of increasing certainty. Facts are the world’s data. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts. Facts don’t go away when scientists debate rival theories to explain them. Einstein’s theory of gravitation replaced Newton’s in this century, but apples didn’t suspend themselves in midair, pending the outcome. And humans evolved from ape-like ancestors whether they did so by Darwin’s proposed mechanism or by some other yet to be discovered.
    -Stephen J. Gould, ” Evolution as Fact and Theory”; Discover, May 1981
    Let me try to make crystal clear what is established beyond reasonable doubt, and what needs further study, about evolution. Evolution as a process that has always gone on in the history of the earth can be doubted only by those who are ignorant of the evidence or are resistant to evidence, owing to emotional blocks or to plain bigotry. By contrast, the mechanisms that bring evolution about certainly need study and clarification. There are no alternatives to evolution as history that can withstand critical examination. Yet we are constantly learning new and important facts about evolutionary mechanisms.
    -Theodosius Dobzhansky “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution”, American Biology Teacher vol. 35 (March 1973) reprinted in Evolution versus Creationism, J. Peter Zetterberg ed., ORYX Press, Phoenix AZ 1983

  14. “Look around you”
    I appreciate the universe and its wonders for what it is rather than persisting in delusion.

  15. u can’t say that…. i think the same as u, and the argument that there was an explosion is preposterous

  16. There is obvious evidence for a Creator.
    Look at the difference between blind random chance and Creation. Which one makes more sense? Creation obviously.
    Second, look at the Bible. It is God’s Word, and it is historically accurate, as what is in the Bible actually happened.

  17. Your statements show that you have a very poor understanding of science. Your description of the planets and stars is not only incorrect, but is childish. Is your understanding of your religion equally poor?

  18. I agree life and everything that takes place within it is a miracle and beautiful, but plenty of people take advantage of it.

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