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How can you say that Paganism is a tolerant religion? Don't you know that Pagans killed Socrates??

Pagans were fundamentalists in the ancient Greece. All religions are “tolerant” when is NOT an state religion.
What do you think?????????


  1. I wouldn’t exactly say it was Pagans. At the time of Socrates Paganism was in the process of being ‘overwhelmed’ by Christianity. Both beliefs were basically the same anyway.

  2. Agreed.
    All religions are forms of collective neurosis.
    They become pacified by society and secularism.

  3. Don’t you think that there are crazy people in every religion that represent their faith badly……everyone is human and prone to error…Just a thought 🙂

  4. Well then if we follow your logic through, the Roman Catholic church would also have to be intolerant…they slaughtered tens of thousands for having different opinions/beliefs. There have always been radicals and radical movements within every social group; why should churches be any different?

  5. I wouldn’t say that Paganism is a religion. It’s more of a family of polytheistic religions.
    Also, Socrates lived before Christianity.

  6. are you kidding?
    Paganism: Any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or Islamism

  7. ALL peoples are guilty of horrible deeds.
    How can the Christians have killed him. Socrates (Greek: Σωκράτης c. 469 / 471 BC—399 BC. That’s around 400 years before Christ.

  8. Umm darling one? Paganism is NOT a religion. Modernly, Pagan is a blanket term for anyone not participating in a religion of Abrahamic origins. It is also a common insult, especially in the time of Socrates, and all pagan actually means according to the OED is “country dwellers” You know, farmers and the like.
    Pagan was NEVER a state religion – but Socrates did speak out against the accepted gods and the practices of their followers
    Farmers didn’t kill Socrates – other followers of the Greek gods killed Socrates. learn the difference please.

  9. The question is moot as Pagans don’t exist in todays society, and if they do it’s in small pockets that don’t have any influence whatsoever in society today…religions can go two ways, casual and fundamental….look at the whole Irish problem with Protestants and Catholics killing each other over soccer games and county borders….they don’t have that problem in America. Those Irish are fundamentalist that take religion to another terrible level, the American religions don’t really cross that line and is more casual. Unfortunately religion as a whole is an epidemic in the world today that doesn’t do anything except ruin good people and waste time, money and lives in the name of a God that doesn’t answer back. Whats the point?

  10. That oversimplifies the death of Socrates quite a lot. What got Socrates the death penalty in the end seems to have been making a mockery of just how little it took to convict him. No one contemporary seems to have thought it was spectacular as a trial. Plato doesn’t name any of the judges or jury at his trial. In any case, the trial, conviction, and execution of Socrates doesn’t have anything to do with religion. The exact charge was corrupting the youth of Athens.

  11. I think I have stepped into a parallel Universe, where the meaning of the word “Tolerant” has changed.
    Here, it seems, it means “Murderous”. I must be mindful of what I say to people, while I am here, for fear of causing offence.

  12. The Diver Duded has been suffering from oxygen starvation
    Paganism is a poor title trying to describe and collect together a very rich and diverse range of human beliefs and ‘classifying them’ as the same thing.
    Generally they are in the range of beliefs that are specifically not Christan, Islamic or Judaic.
    Many beliefs are supportive and good in their basic teaching; the trouble is that then men see an opportunity to gain power, influence and money, that is when evil sets in and folk suffer

  13. Well, if they only killed Socrates, that’s no so bad, is it? Muslims and Christians have killed millions.

  14. But you don’t know the name of the pagans that killed Socrates, so what’s your point when modern pagans might not even know pagans killed Socrates, and in any case, who told you they were pagans, and further more, they might have just said they were pagans.

  15. WHO IS WITHOUT GUILT ? Every religious faction on Earth,and there are many,have been guilty of mass killing and bloodletting in the name of their religion.Mankinds various adjustments, to the different religions over time, seem to have changed everything for the worst.We,as a species,are proving our unsuitability to colonise other planets with every day we exist,the wanton destruction ,in the name of mammon and religion is our own condemnation.

  16. I doubt if the term Paganism is a good one and it covers a many religious groups. However having said that no doubt some pagan sects have killed people in the name of their religious beliefs but probably not more that the Christians have.

  17. Let’s see the Pagans killed Socrates. That’s a fact. You are quite right.
    And the Roman pagans killed an estimated 12,000-25,000 Christians.
    Now the Christians once they took over the Roman Empire have murdered by some accounts the following totals:
    Jews: estimate 2.5 million to the Renaissance and if you count Hitler a devout Catholic who believed he was God’s emissary on Earth to purify the Earth of Jewish contamination, you could add an additional 6,000,000 Jews to that total.
    Alleged Witches: 1 to 1.5 million women.
    Heretics: at least 12 million.
    All others like gays : around 12 million.
    Let’s not forget God’s personal total, those God murdered all by himself, like a big boy who no longer poops his diapers and can butcher and slaughter people WITHOUT our help.
    Flood totals: Let’s say a hundred million.
    But by numbers actuall in the Bible: 3.2 million persons.
    Now add all of that together and now tell me who is more tolerant, the humanistic Pagans who did sometimes kill people for POLITICAL reasons like Socrates and the early Christians who were believed falsely to be having blood orgies and sacrificing babies and worshiping the head of a Goat, [which the Christians remembered and later used for witches and Satanists as an excuse to kill them] and a serious threat to the Empire.
    Or the Christians who have a stated goal of winning the world for Christ which means eliminating by conversion or force or death all those who would rather worship the loving mother goddess Amaterasu who loves all her children and damns NOBODY [Shinto, Japan] or the Buddhist Avolekiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion who refuses to enter Nirvana until all mankind has reached the rest from their sorrows and sufferings..
    Now tell me, honestly, if you are capable of it, who are more tolerant Christians with ONLY one way, ONE God, ONE CREED or pagans who can handle anything.
    Here’s a fictional dialogue in Conan the Barbarian, but one which represents a typical pagan encountering another from a different society or culture.
    Subotai: What gods to you serve?
    Conan: Crom, but I never pray to him, he doesn’t listen.
    Subotai: What good is he then?
    Conan [laughs] Crom is great in his mountain. When I come before him I have to answer the riddle of steel. If I don’t know it, Crom will cast me out of Valhalla.
    Subotai: My god is greater. My god is the everlasting sky. Your god lives beneath him.
    Conan and Subotai: [laughs and continue to eat]
    Now here’s a Roman Catholic Inquisitor investigating a converso from Spain who has been suspected of secret Judaising [practicing Judaism in secret while pretending to be Christian after King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella forced all Jews out of Spain and confiscated all their property unless they converted immediately to Catholicism.
    Inquisitor: We have reports that you are a secret Judaiser.
    Woman [devout Catholic] A what?
    Inquisitor: Isn’t your last name Cohen?
    Woman: It’s a family name, sir, but we converted over 200 years ago and have been faithful Catholics ever since.
    Inquisitor; [aside] If that is true, then God will grant you the grace to remain steadfast while put to the question.
    Woman: What’s that?
    [Woman is stripped naked, her hands tied behind her back, and a rope tied to her arms and lifted in that position off the ground with a pulley device which dislocates the shoulders and causes incredible pain]
    Woman: {after 30 minutes of this crap breaks her resolve}
    What do you want me to say?
    Inquisitor: We have your confession all drawn up, just sign it.
    And if lucky the woman might avoid being burned at the stake…
    I’m a Jew. Frankly, I’d rather have a Wiccan High Priestess who worships Diana next door than a Christian.
    Of course, protestants aren’t like that, are they?
    Anne Coulter: “Christians should invade other countries, kill their leaders, and forcibly convert them to Christianity.”
    Pat Robertson: “America has a covenant with God [no it doesn’t and never has had] and it is our divine purpose of this great nation to win the world over for Christ before his second coming [If it’s by force, it’s Ok, I suppose. Muslims might prove a bit difficult to convert, but since they are all “terrorists” it’s OK to wipe them off the face of the Earth.
    Jews are rather hard to convert too, so they need to be gotten rid of as well.]
    Adolf Hitler: “God has chosen me to lead this great nation of Germany, to restore the values of Christianity, and eliminate the threat to mankind posed by the Communist Internationale and the Jewish scourge, and their attempts by promoting humanism and liberalism, and by taking over the world’s finances, to subvert Godly nations like ours, with their Satanic agenda….”
    Golly gee. I can’t tell Hilter from Falwell or Pat Robertson or George W. Bush??? Can you?

  18. Paganism today is not the same religion as it was in pre-Christian days. We have lost too many of the original sources. Though many of us are trying to reconstruct the old religions, it will, I believe, never be a completed task.
    So if you are referring to modern pagans, than I would say we are some of the most tolerant people towards other religions, though we have our exceptions, same as any group of people.
    However if you read Plato’s Apology carefully, Socrates was technically on trial for promoting atheism, which was undercutting the profits of the churches, and anywhere large sums of money are involved, people tend to let morals slide.

  19. I don’t understand your point.Socrates lived before Christianity so all of Europe was pagan.Therefore yes the people who executed him were also pagan-as was he.
    However he was not sentenced to death over religion as such but because the people of Athens saw him as a threat to their young men.

  20. Technically speaking, Paganism is defined as an adherent of a polytheistic religion. The term only applies when viewed in contrast to an adherent of a monotheistic religion.
    Until Monotheism became popular (through roman conquest after they went monotheist) paganism as a word didn’t even exist. Pagan then was used as slander alongside Heathen and Savage.
    If, however, you wish to retroactively apply the word Pagan then you must acknowledge that in lacking Monotheism everyone was Pagan including Socrates.
    If, then, you say that Paganisms are intolerant as a result because Pagans did indeed convict him to death by Hemlock for “dangerous ideas” you must also concede that because he himself was Pagan that Pagans are also tolerant and forward thinking.


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