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How can you read tarot cards?

i have a deck of tarot cards and i don’t know how to read them. do you know any websites to teach me how?


  1. You can read them any way you care to. Tarot, like so many stupid beliefs are for super-superstitious people. Who cares which card comes up. It’s all just chance. You can read cards and get one story, do it again and they’ll come up in a difference sequence. It’s all baloney.

  2. Most tarot cards come with a booklet that tels you wahteach card stands for and will tell you how to do a spread, most likely the celtic cross spread.
    But there are a lot of books you can buy or check out from the library.

  3. There is a WONDERFUL book called “Tarot For Dummies”. It will explain everything to you in simple, easy to understand language and exercises. You don’t say which Tarot Card Deck you have, but the book that I mentioned uses the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. While all decks are illustrated differently, the meanings are the same. It just help when learning the Tarot, that you use the same deck as the book which you are studying, so the cards all look the same as in the booked illustrations.

  4. There are books in any bookstore that will teach you how. But mostly it is what you feel when you look at them. That should tell you what to do.

  5. Did the cards come with a guide? If not go to a book store and check there. You could check online also type in tarot cards you should find something there too.

  6. http://www.learntarot.com/ offers an online course… Aliester Crowley has the best book on the tarot called the Book of Thoth… although it is written specifically for the thoth deck the explaination of the symbology of the tarot is the most comprehensive that i have found. It is important to understand the symbology of the each card as well as it’s numerology before you can fully comprehend the readings. most tarot decks come with a little booklet that shows the typical “celtic cross” layout and a brief description of each card, your best bet is to learn the symbolism of each card by first thing each day drawing a new card from the deck, meditate on the meaning on the visual image its self. then keep a journal about the events of that day and how it relates to the card that you drew (sure it will take you 72 days to learn the cards, but you be able to relate each card with its symbology and attach a personal memory to it, therby increasing retention and having a better grasp of the cards meaning in a reading) Once you learn the cards then you can go about studing different layouts… there are a bunch of em… good luck to you! i hope you find what you seek!


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