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How can you read palms and auras?

i really would like to learn in detail how to read palms and auras!


  1. I’m not sure about palms; I “expert” in auras.
    1: get a friend to stand a couple feet in frount of a white backround.
    2: have them sway slowly back and forth.
    3:concentrate directly on the person, but in a way, pretend you are looking at the wall behind them. (like looking THROUGH them without actually doing it)
    4: soon, you will see a light band aound them. Look at it from the corner of your eye. Soon, it will turn into some type of color. That is an aura. Don’t rush yourslef: it didnt take me a while to be able to do it. I natually have eyeproblems since birth, and this helped me open my THIRD EYE. It may be harder if you dont have any. Just be paintient.
    – Red: The color of strength, passion, impulsiveness and will.
    – Orange: Color of affection, kindness, and creativity. The muddier shades denote vanity, while golden orange represents self-control. Someone with orange in his/her aura may suffer from kidney troubles.
    – Yellow: Mental activity, optimism, perfectionism, responsibility, sometimes shyness.
    – Green: The color of sympathy and reliability. The person may be an effective healer. Dark shades of green however indicate one who is jealous or hesitant.
    – Blue: The color of calm, and spiritual and material attainment. May sometimes represent a tendency to moodiness and depression.
    – Indigo/Violet: The colors of the seeker who has inborn psychic and intuitive abilities. They represent an astounding ability in the handling of practical matters. Dark shades may show that the person is often misjudged and misunderstood. May indicate heart or stomach trouble.
    – Black: The color of self-protection. The person is good at ‘wearing masks’.
    – Pink: A compassionate person who is fond of the arts. Darker shades of pink may point to immaturity and irresponsibility.
    – White: Purity and honesty. A color associated with spiritually evolved persons.
    – Silver: The person might be pregnant or is going to be soon! However, this is not always so. Seeing this may indicate a person who is allowing great creativity in their life.

  2. Erin’s answer is good. I noticed it works a long better in the morning because my eyes are sleepy. If your in school…practice on teachers. ( they also think your really listening). For palm reading there are many many books on the subject.

  3. I was more curious about reading people’s auras. What I did first is, buy a book online about aura reading such as the one written by Ted Andrews. I read and study about auras. Then I practiced at least a couple of different experiments that were metnioned and described in the book and I had success with it. I found that cool with the idea. One way to practice on seeing an aura, is seeing your own.
    1) Get a blank white sheet of paper, construction paper, or cardboard and set it down on a table or desk that have a dark colored surface that is opposite (Black or brown.) from the paper or cardboard color that you have.
    2) Place the palm face down on the white sheet of paper or cardboard surface in the middle of it.
    3) Let your eyes relax as you sit and focus your sight on the center of your hand.
    4) Stare down at the middle of your palm long enough to let your pirephrial vision detect and see an aura color surrounding the outside of your palm.
    5) Keep the eye focused where you have it long enough to detect anymore colors emitting around the outside of your palm.
    6) If you see only one aura color…that’s good, its quite a start. If you had noticed more than one aura color… then congratulations! Now due to your patience and progress efforts in the exercise, you would be able to see auras. But, remember…it takes practice. So keep practicing! Results I had are that sometimes without any pressure on level on concentration…I had seen other people’s aura colors since it is known that if the person is not blocking their energies, it is easy to spot then without any trouble.


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