Home Discussion Forum How can you practice astral projection?

How can you practice astral projection?

like is there advice for sleep paralysis?
are there any dangers to watch out for?
how many people actively astral project?


  1. I astral travel, but I just do it, no technique.Their are dangers, but then again walking down the street in the morning can be dangerous, just make sure you are protected. Call on a Deity for help if you need to or snap yourself back into your body.

  2. Don’t be alone when you try it. Have someone who is experienced in the matter with you. Like a hyponotherapist. He or she can guide you thru it and teach you the right way to do it. Danger’s? there is always danger doing this, Once you open the door to that side of life, your inviting not only good entities into your space but also bad ones, Be carefull!!!!! I really don’t know the exact number of us that do it, but I know there are a lot of us that can. Welcome to our world. if you know of anyone who has had a near death experience talk to them and let them help you with it. these people are the ones who passed onto the higher projection other than astral projection. Astral is now common day things for them if they want to do it.

  3. It helps to be in a relaxed state, and one that you can safely and comfortably leave your body in for a long time. I found that near sleep was a very effective time for myself, though it can become difficult to seperate the experience from the dream state, at first. This is fine, though, because we’re comfortable with dreams and that mind set can help to make us feel safe towards astral projection. I’ve never heard of there being any problem with sleep paralysis, so can’t help you there. As for dangers to watch out for, some people feel frightened of not finding their way back to their bodies and create a sort of psychic leash or umbilical cord to help them find their way back. I’ve not found that to be necessary, really, but if it works for you, go for it. Okay, next is to focus on a part of your body, I find the hand, foot, or head to be the most helpful place to start. Practice lifting that part of your body, just a tiny degree, first, physically, while really focusing on how that feels. Next, laying flat on a comfortable surface, try recreating that feeling within yourself, in that part of the body, without actually moving physically. Some people can just seem to float right out, right at once, even from something so small, while others take lots of training and work to accomplish it, so don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t seem to help at first. Bare in mind that there are lots of different takes and techinques out there, so if this one doesn’t seem to work for you, be open minded and continue to get other possible ways of accomplishing your goal. Good luck, have fun, and be safe. Remember that any other beings you might meet while Out of body have no power over you without your conscious permission and consent, even if they try to convince you that they do – if they are doing anything you find uncomfortable or unwelcome in any way, just tell them politely that you “don’t want to play”.

  4. Yes, what ever you do when you are in a gay bar, Don’t bend over. Because if you don’t, you will see how active a astral projects you will become.

  5. Hi! ME,me,me. I’m out of my body more than I’m in it. Sleep paralysis, if you remain calm, you can slowly lift out of your body. At that stage, you’re half in, half out of your body. You said it yourself, practice is the key word. Everytime you’re out of body, you will get better. There aren’t any dangers as long as you remember that you are THE LIGHT, part of SPIRIT and nothing can harm you! Spirit can only trasform, it cannot die or be hurt.
    To project yourself, I found that it might be easier to do so laying on your back. You need to be as comfortable as you can. Relaxation is key. You can visualize your soul-self exiting your body through the back of your heart chakra. This is where I have found I exit from. It may be different for others. It might not be. This is where my etheric cord is, though.
    It’s always best to have some sort of destination or intention. You need to be physically grounded as well. If you aren’t grounded physically, how can you ground spiritually? I sleep with cat eye stones in my socks or cats eye anklets. Any red or brown stone will ground you.
    Try taking stairs or an elevator when you’re out of body. Take it to another dimension. This will take more practice. If you feel as though you’re losing grounding while out of body, stomp your spirit feet on the ground or stare at the ground. This will have a grounding effect. If you have difficulty relaxing, you can use pure Lavender oil or Clary Sage. The latter is very stong though and you’ll only need 1 drop on your pillowcase or massaged on your temples.
    You can ask your angel or another spirit guide (a departed friend or relative would do nicely)to take you around.You can ask them before you intend to project and they’ll be there when you first leave your body.
    Once you’re out, you can go next door to your neighbor’s house. Let yourself in and use a door as a portal to another dimension via stairs, escalator or elevator. It’s important to remain focused the whole time…on anything because the minute you let your mind to drift, the astral cord will pull you back into your body (like a bungee cord).
    It is always good manners to always knock on the doors because in actuality, a door represents a person’s/soul’s energy. Always be respectable to ALL spirits. Never be rude or hurtful.
    Good luck and if you have questions, please feel free to reply to me. 😀


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