Home Discussion Forum How can you physically tell if you are really receiving Reiki energy?

How can you physically tell if you are really receiving Reiki energy?

What does it feel like to be on the receiving end of it? Is it a tangible thing? How about the practitioner? Do they feel it, too?

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  1. Some people become very emotional others feel heat or cold on certain parts of their bodies where the hands of the practioner are “hovering” (he/she normally doesn’t touch you)
    The 1st time I got a Reiki treatment by my Reiki Master, I felt a sense of well being and relaxation.
    If you do not ground yourself before and after the treatment you can remain warm all over – even flushed – for quite a long time which is quite uncomfortable. So, the grounding is also very important.
    Some people do not feel anything but the practioner may well be experiencing – on his hands- a cold or wamth feeling while giving you your Reiki treatment.
    Also, while you may get a warm feeling on, let’s say, your shoulders, the practioner may get a cold feeling while going over your shoulders. As long as the “temperature”remains relatively even on both sides of your shoulders you are OK. It is when you experience a great difference in temperature that a problem can be detected and alleviated either with 1 or more Reiki treatments.
    So, yes, I would say it is tangible… I am normally a very sceptical person and I always need a logical explanation for everything but…I am convinced Reiki IS working and playing some magic on our emotional, spiritual and physical health. I am so convinced of the positive effects of Reiki that I became a practioner. I treat friends and family and everybody has felt something while receiving a Reiki treatment. No need to tell you… that I do not practice Reiki for money as some answerers keep on suggesting (and, in doing so, putting all practioners in the same bag) but to try to improve the positive minded attitude and the health of said friends & family.
    Hope this helps.
    Sending Positive Energy your way!
    Love & Light!
    Hope this helps.

  2. The sensations a person feels are individual.
    Yes it is amazing, most feel total relaxation that they have never felt before. Some feel like they are drifting in a cloud of peace. I’ve had men that were very sceptical and cranky go totally asleep on the table and snore.. they were shocked to be awakened by their own noises. I tell them.. not to worry its a thank you by your body. Then they walk away confused because it was their goal to discredit Reiki.
    I have been told by some scientific research that Reiki seems to affect the body’s system of endorphins which is credited with balancing and harmonizing the mind, body.
    Because the person doing the Reiki Session is pulling the energy in and sending it to the client, both get good results.

  3. Clients report a variety of experiences when receiving Reiki treatment. Some just becoem relaxed and fall asleep, others report a feeling of peace and relaxation. Some feel heat or tingling while others see colors. Most people also report an increased feeling of well being for several days after treatment. Many clients report reductions in pain, better sleep, reduction in stress, reduction of symptoms of illness and more rapid recovery of injuries.
    There are a lot os skeptics on this site who are reallly invested in keeping people from seeking Reiki treatment or other complimentary therapies. So far it does not appear than any of them have tested the experience for themselves, gathered anecdotal evidence from people who have taken Reiki treatment, studied the modalities or bothered to do even five minutes of research on the internet. In fact the only study I have seen any of them refer to is one done by a 9 year old girl!
    they just spend a lot of time trying to discourage people from trying something that may help them. This is deeply sad to me as Reiki has saved me from a life threatening condition that years of seeing doctors and medical specialists, were able to diagnose but not cure. Reiki has enabled me to avoid surgery on two occasions.
    As a practicing Reiki Master, I have seen many of my clients receive great relief and healing. I do not propose that Reiki replace medical science but that it can be used in addition to medical science, both have a place.
    I have included a small listing of some of the studies available if you are interested in scientific research, otherwise, I just recommend you try it. Reiki is a beautiful thing.

  4. Reiki can be transferred hands-on or distantly.
    How much one feels depends on ones sensitivity to such energies.
    The typical sensations that one can feel are heat, cold, tingling, static electricity type sensations, slight movement of body parts etc.
    Sometimes there are expressive emotional states.
    But the most common feeling one can get is a feeling of calmness & serenity.
    As a practitioner, again depending on ones sensitivity you feel the above & much more sensations that cannot be easily explained.
    Each ones Reiki experience is different. Also Reiki is only one of the many Esoteric Energy systems out there.
    Reiki energy is not created by anyone. It is received by a Reiki channel from the Creator & Universe, & transferred to the recipient. Both individuals get the benefits.
    As all such systems there is a lot of mystery & mysticism attached. All is not true. It is a simple system within anyones capacity. Even kids of 4 can do it.
    To really know about it one has to be in communion with Reiki practitioners. If you are new its worth a try. You will be happy you tried it.

  5. My brother gives me reiki treatment. I experience seeing different colours, sometimes muscle twitches as tension releases but most ob viously I sometimes weep, laugh, smile or make noises completely unintentionally.
    I do not pay my brother any money! I wonder sometimes if the reiki works better because I feel very comfortable because it’s my brother, and whether I would be less receptive to a stranger as I might feel less relaxed.

  6. I received and was also taught Reiki a week ago. I was quite surprised to discover I was completely at ease amongst these strangers. Normally, I have high anxiety in new situations … but I was quite delightedly filled with Joy and I felt rocked back n forth as if I were in a cradle with warmth flowing over me like liquid sunshine. This feeling stayed with me for a few days. I think this is a wonderful way to help others. I was not asked to pay for anything not even for the tutoring! I am very pleased that I tried it!

  7. because a person charges for their services doesnt mean they are scamming.. I have a home daycare I give discount to parents that cant afford.. if I could do it for free I most definitely would .. you cant give hands out all the time I learned that the long way.. thats when people start taking advantage of you.. Once I am finished with my Reiki I will use it on others if needed.. I will not charge a arm and a leg but would like to have something in return.. being a dinner whatever it might be.. if you start doing your work that you are suppose to in life and do if for free explain how you are to live because the cost of living is not free.. certain people have certain callings in life.. there is a benefit for 3 through a Reiki treatment.. my pleasure is their pleasure.. if they are feeling better then I am feeling better.. dont knock it till your try it is all I have to say…


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