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How can you perform astral projection?

Also how can you astrally project when you need to breathe in your body and eat and drink.
And the main question is how can you do it and is it safe to do it and easy to get back in your body whilst your doing it?
And how do you know when you’re doing it, what does it feel like and how can you do it with ease?


  1. 1.meditate you need to be focused release all your unwanted tension and problems
    2. lay in bed and start thinking deeply about the aura that surrounds you listen to calm music if it helps
    3. carry on thinking for up to half an hour
    4.dont expect it to come straight away it takes time maybe up to a year !
    your questions
    *dont get what your saying
    *nothing can be guaranteed once you project outside of your body. you have no controll your inner soul takes over
    *you feel calm and you can sense it
    blessed be x

  2. No, I can’t get over the fear that once I leave I may never find my way home. I know others that do it on a regular basis, and to do it requires drugs or deep meditation.

  3. Run as fast as possible towards a bed or couch, or any soft surface and just before you get there turn around – only do that inside your mind, not the body. Takes a bit of practise but the first time you succeed you’ll know, you feel really floaty and fuffily, and then it’ll be easy every time after that. You just pour yourself back into your head when your done, filling back up in about a minute. That’s the easy part. Good luck and remember to keep trying to you get it, it takes a while.


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