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how can you learn about your aura?

im just wondering because i would like to know if it is just some stuff that people say or is it real and how can i learn about mine?


  1. anyone who says it’s real says that because they’re delusional. if these ‘witches’ had a basic understanding of psychology they’d understand that, but they like to play dress up and make believe instead.

  2. I have heard that if you stand in front of a white wall and have somebody stare at you for a few seconds they will start to see a color outlining your body and the color that they see is your aura…ive done this before, but it mightve just been my eyes adjusting…. So i honestly dont know.

  3. A persons aura is there energy..the colour means whats going on with u at the time…u may be feeling creative so ur aura will be blue or green..or inspired and it may be yellow..if ur sick then ur aura will be black or brown or muddy an indication that u need to clear out ur chakras. I started out when i was down the beach to squint ur eyes and just stare at someone..1st u will see a white shimmer thats there energy and then u will get a splash of colour..its best to either be infront of blue or white to see aura colours.

  4. Stand in front of a mirror and look into your 3rd eye for at least 15 and 30 minutes; in the middle of your fore head and your colors will start to show around you in patches or blurs; pick the brightest color and e-mail me and I will tell you your mood.


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