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How can you know what color your aura is?


  1. I don’t know how they did it. But a book at the Library told me what mine are. And they were the same as a psychic told me she saw around me. Red and Yellow. Maybe you can find that book? I don’t remember the name but it must be about finding the color of your aura.
    Plus, one’s aura changes with thier moods. Red/anger, Blue/mellow, and so on.

  2. A lot of people can learn to see auras. it takes too long to explain here, but if you relax and look at a person against a white or black background from about 6 feet away, you may start to see vague rings of different colours around the head and shoulders. The trick is to be able to focus on a point in space next to the head and not on the wall behind.
    Children are usually better at it and young children often see auras naturally. Auras are totally real and they are finding ways to measure them.
    Barbara Brennan has good books on the subject. “Hands of Light” is one of them.
    The aura is a force filed around the body with different wavelengths showing up as light. When you can see auras, you can see what type of thoughts another person is having, or how healthy that person is, by the different colours.

  3. It doesn’t really matter, you are what you are and not what your aura’s color is. If your’s is black then that is because you want it to be. I like black, it is one of my favorite colors so I wouldn’t be unhappy if my aura was too.
    I have seen my aura, or at least a touch of it and all I saw was white mist. Does that make it white? I don’t think so, I don’t feel like much of an “white aura” person. However, I may be wrong, I could be I suppose.
    Whatever, I am what I am and I will decide that not what color my Aura is. I have been told it is different colors by different people. I guess my mood of the moment reflects it more than they would lead us to believe.

  4. the color of your aura changes as you grow auras never turn black. so those who say that are lying the color of your aura depends on your emotions and your current experieces, for example if your a happy person it may be blue, but if your happy but stressed it could turn a violet color. im not saying that those would be your colors those were examples. the reason an aura is never black is because auras are an energy feild that our body gives off, energy is a light source since black is the absents of light or color it comes down to common since that your aura cannot be black


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