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How can you improve your psychic power?

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  1. By doing something productive. (You can’t)
    Told you
    That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read online.
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  2. l have found more psychic phenomena, happening to me as l go through this life by, being true to myself in speaking truth, loving those who are less fortunate and everybody and focusing on the space within [like your third eye]
    The third eye, is a physic connection between your mind and other levels of understanding/reality. It comes to me as a spinning translucent disk in the middle of my forehead. If l blink when it’s happening rapidly, it increases for a few seconds. It has become so strong once, l consciously astral traveled out my body into the sky and clouds once. Plus, another time,l went astral flying over a desert in Africa till l came to a giant [2km wide] golden dome, which l later read was a special place of learning.[shambala]
    I don’t think you can switch on special powers unless you work on everything in your life to become more true out of love for life itself and not self.
    Don’t worry, it will find you when you are ready to tune in to it,. Happens mostly, when l am most open and can feel the difference in energy from it and my regular thoughts. It’s always a leap of faith and awareness. Happens by itself and then l have to recognize it as such.
    You can try testing your intuition, but l find that to be playing with my ego, and that never worked for me. Hope you find more of what your looking for Vac.

  3. The second answer was correct , psychics use another part of their brain .
    But Spelling , is not the part of the Brain psychics use .
    Many psychics do what is Called Unconscious writing . This part of the Brain is Closer to Spirit , than the Conscious part of the brain .
    A brain is made up of Conscious thinking , Unconscious thinking , and Spirit .
    Unconscious thinking , is one Step Closer to our Spirit and the Spiritual world ( or unseen world) , than our Conscious thoughts .
    This is also , the same part of the brain used in Dreams , which is Unconscious thinking . So people who have psychic ability , could have dreams of the future .
    To be truthful with you , this is a Spiritual gift , from taping into God or Demonic Angels , which are both Spirit .
    Gift of the Spirit can be of God , as Paul talks about in Cor chapter 12 , where people have the power of Wisdom , healing , tongues , etc and prophesy , which is knowing the future .
    Satan and demons , also give Spiritual gift or Reward those with gift , who tap into their Spiritual World .
    Most psychics though , get sick from dealing with these Departed Spirits and Demons . Many of them will have Autoimmune problems from coming in Contact with this Unclean Spirits .
    Psychics get their power , by taping into the Spirit world , but almost all of these are Ghost or demons , who are in this World and have access to a house or area , by a human who Allowed great evil into them which after they die , leaves a opening or Spiritual portal , where demons and departed Souls from Hell , can exist in our Dimension .
    The Psychics , who opens His Spirit up to this World , is able also , to create a portal or Spiritual opening from the Dimension of hell to earth , thus allowing Demons and Departed People to commune with them .
    Paul says , of those who are Born again , ( born of the Spirit ) to seek spiritual gifts .
    I guess , if you want to play with the Dark side , keep opening up yourself to this , but these Demons who give you a Spiritual gift , expect something from you , like a place to Dwell , which is in you .
    Once they live in you , you will be able to Predict things and sense Spirits , but they will live in you , and Control a part of you , and like a cancer , they will slowly take a little more of you , the longer they dwell in you .
    I , have a gift from God , it gives me Wisdom , not Healing power yet , but deep insights into this world and the Spiritual world .
    I would seek gifts from God , by being born of God .
    But , many Churches are Spiritual weak , since they seek God , by Works instead of faith , which decreased Spirit and gifts in the Church .
    Read Gal chapter 3:1
    I would not play with the Dark Spiritual World or open myself up to this .


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