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how can you have telepathy?

i’m asking if how can you obtain that power. i know it is real but is it difficult to obtain ?


  1. Please let me know when you find out… but here is a tip. Thoughts are produced in frequencies, some times when you’re about to fall asleep you might find yourself hearing voices indistinctively, you are tunning into those frequencies. All it will take is to train yourself to modulate them. I’m not going to tell you to spend countless hours in bed trying to tune in… but that’s all I know about telepathy…well, not all, but the main thing…
    So… we are really talking about a state of mind here…
    normally when you spend enough time with someone else you find yourself saying the things that the other person was about to say and viceversa: your thought frequencies have got so close through companion: hence the adage: tell me who you are with and I’ll tell you who you are (or something like that). … good look.

  2. How do you know telepathy is real?
    I don’t know that telepathy is real. I think a lot of people have vivid imaginations, and a lot of wishful thinking.

  3. i do chi kung (look it up) and meditation. try to quite the mind. close ur eyes and with ur imagination look up & imagine a white light poring down from ur head through ur whole body. do this for 10 to 20 minutes every day. after a month u will get glimpse here & there. it would take time
    before u`ll recognize between ordinary thought & telepathy or psychic information. keep in mind that u will need to keep a high “vibration” around u.(good seance of humor,love,compassion,ect)
    good luck!!!

  4. Telepathy is a basic skill possessed by all humans, whether they know it or not. Why? Because we are spirits, not bodies. We existed in the spirit world as spirits, usually before we went into a body somewhere between conception and birth. How do spirits communicate with each other? Why, by telepathy of course!
    Telepathy is not “reading a person’s mind” as most people’s mind are full of a lot of junk. Telepathy is communicating with another person by thought.
    However, many people’s telepathic ability have atrophied for a number of reasons, including lack of use and being told that telepathy isn’t real.
    This exercise will show you that telepathy is real, and improve your abilities.
    A key to telepathy is to “Be present”. That is, be “here” and be “now”. Still your mind. Do not think of any other place. Do not think of the past or the future. This is the hardest part of telepathy.
    Sit down with another person. Have seven different colored pencils between you.
    Choose one person to “send” and the other to “receive”.
    The person who sends chooses a color in their mind. They then ‘send’ this color to the mind of the other person. Once they have started to do that, they say “start”.
    The person who is receiving then looks into the other person’s mind to see what they are sending. They say one color, for example “blue”.
    The sender then says one of two things. If they were sending blue, they say “yes”, and then choose another (or the same color) and says “start” and send again.
    If they were not sending blue they say “no” (nothing else) and the receiver keeps working to get the color.
    Do this for five to ten minutes. Then switch sides. Then take a break. This can be very exhausting. Only do a little at a time until you are used to it.
    Most people tend to be better at either sending or receiving.
    If you do this with children particularly, you may be surprised how quickly they come to the right answer.
    After you have mastered this exercise, you can progress to harder and harder exercises, such as
    1) Do it with other people (telepathy is easier to do with people you are close to and that you practice with)
    2) Do it with more colors, then numbers, then objects in the room, then any word, then sentences
    3) Do it with a door between you
    4) Do it over the phone
    Have fun!
    Later, whenever you get a thought, and someone acts on that thought, for example, you think of a person and they ring you, the trick is to discover, who had the thought first? Did you think of it and send it? Or did you think of it and they picked it up? Or the other way around?
    Warning: If you do this with children, they will find it easier to know what you are thinking. You had better have a clean and pure mind because they may discover and blurt out what you are thinking. However, if we are to evolve as a species, this is something that has to be handled (by improving our thoughts and actions) and accepted (by not getting embarassed).
    You can also practice telepathy with animals. Animals and children are very telepathic. I have been told by different people that many circus horses and dolphins are trained by telepathy.


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