How can you follow any religion that does not imbrace reincarnation?

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A person born in a remote place that never comes in contact with with
christianity automatically goes to Hell.
Somebody that is born into abject poverty in a criminal invironment vs.a person born into a wealthy philanthropist family…where is the level playing ground?Would your god be so unjust.
Jesus’s deciples asked ,when confronted by a man who was BORN blind, Did this man sin or his father that he was Born blind?


  1. um no….actually it states in the bible that if you do not know the name of Jesus then the Lord will decide…read the bible know the facts and then come back and debate.
    Also, I think about it like this, the Lord gave us a set of cards, we might have Aces we might have nothing…do what you can with either. My God has is reasons but don’t blame him for the world being unjust…it’s just not fair, the world is not fair, surprise surprise.

  2. LOL! wutever. I ain’t comin’ back to this sin-riddled place!! (I would rather go directly to Heaven as He Promised, thank you very much!) Bye bye now. 🙂

  3. First, I don’t follow any religion at all. I think they are all false and ridiculous.
    Second, I personally think reincarnation is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.
    Who says that an afterlife has to have an eternal Hell AND Heaven? And that belief in reincarnation just has to be the ONLY other option?

  4. your question is terribly confusing
    and very wrong
    those who dont hear about Christianity … dont automatically get sent to hell
    and reincarnation isnt something that is easy to believe for all
    and poverty and wealth are not always the worst and best scenarios
    now I am not Christian and I do believe in reincarnation
    but you have worded things very poorly here and I am kinda missing the point you are trying to make

  5. And what did Jesus say? He said, no one sinned, but this man (was born blind) so that God’s glory may be displayed…and then He healed the man.
    The bible says that all of creation speaks of the existence of God that no man has excuse. NO man.
    And no, there is no reincarnation. It is appointed for man once to die, and then the judgment.

  6. I happen to believe in reincarnation. I also believe that this can be found in several things that Christ said – not just what you’ve pointed out. Many “Christians” like to use the passage from Paul saying that man is appointed to die once, but they fail to see that “man” and “soul” are not one in the same.

  7. Hell is a false teaching, God doesn’t choose where you are born, Blindness is a result of Adam’s sin, Believing in reincarnation does not excuse the fact that there is evil in this world, while the christian God promises to fix it, and I would much rather be brought back as myself rather than another being.

  8. Christians don’t believe in reincarnation because the Bible tells us that man dies once. Only God knows how those who have never heard about Jesus will be judged. I trust in His goodness. God is merciful and kind.

  9. Christianity does not teach that a person born in a remote place that never comes in contact with with christianity automatically goes to Hell.
    Fundamentalists and evangelicals say that, but you’d be well advised not to listen to their opinions about God.

  10. John the Baptist came back twice… but mainline preachers are reluctant to tell the parishioners about it. Like you say, they just cannot accept reincarnation.
    He was Elias, and came back as John the Baptist, and then appeared at the Transfiguration as Elias again. Busy fellow!

  11. Because reincarnation is a ridiculous and silly concept that has no meaning and verification.
    Try to read the Bible and other religious text before you jump to the wrong conclusion and make fallacious remarks. .

  12. I don’t see what your comments have to do with your question. Your comments seems to be some kind of argument against Christianity, but it certainly doesn’t follow that if Christianity is false that reincarnation must be true. After all, it could be that we’re simply meat for the worms when we die. Or maybe Islam or Judaism is true.

  13. That question proves genetics,things passed down from family.God is never unjust,and the idea of reincarnation which is stupid repulses me.
    If we were recycled the population would not grow.

  14. we catholics believe that there´s only one life, one chance to make what is right. Also, people are save or not because of their actions and their pursuit of good for others, not only because they believe or not in Jesus, in fact, we know that being a christian doesn´t give us an automatic salvation, we have to earn it with our personal effort. God doesn´t place people in one or another environment, you were born where you were born because your mother got pregnant, not because god made a roulette to decide your fate. Also the fallacy of God punishing people or even their children for their sins is believe still by catholics, but as i said it´s a stupidity of past, we believe in a Father.god, not a tyrant.

  15. The early Christians believed in Reincarnation. Jesus believed in Reincarnation. (John the Baptist is Elijah reborn, not I)
    I’m an Eclectic Neopagan, and I believe in Reincarnation. It is hard for me to imagine a world where cherry blossoms come back on my tree every spring, but people ignore the laws of nature and do not.

  16. I don’t follow any religion; I am a Reincarnationist. I reject any religion that defines “God” as a psychotic, sadistic tyrant — such as Christianity.


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