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How can you find pure love?

A love in which the ego is not involved.
Neither partners are seeking attention for themselves.
Neither partners are pursuing sensual pleasure giving no regard to the humanity of the other.
A love that is based on both spiritual and physical giving, and not one on the expense of the other.
Is there such kind of love? And if you know you have the ability to live through it, how will you find someone who is capable of pure love? When most men nowadays care not but about their own sexual desires and fantasies.
I say then. Such pure love, does not exist.


  1. Pure love is unconditional and without expectation. Sure it exists, but finding someone like this would be very tough.

  2. You are right that true love does not exist in this world. We are all born to be concerned only for ourself and it is the nature by which we all opperate. Love does exsit in spirituality though. It is above this selfish nature and a person can attain it.
    Love is when you don’t pay any attention to yourself, but you take the desires of another person and try to fulfill them in exactly the way they would like. If we love for our own benefit, meaning that we care for the object of love only because it provides us pleasure, then it doesn’t differ very much from hate. On the other hand, if we truly try to acquire the feeling of love, the intention of benefiting others, we will experience a much broader and more complete reality because we will feel the world through another.
    We can experience love by rising up to its spiritual level while at the same time being in this world. When you do this the right man for you will pop up. There is no such thing as incidental meeting. When the bride is ready the groom will arrive. With patience and a good desire you can reveal a positive kind of connection with others and a great love. here are some informative links that can help you with that if you want it. Good luck and best wishes to you!!


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