How can you cleanse your aura if things were unknowingly dumped into it.?

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I have a friend who did an EFT healing and had adverse reactions. It seems that all the negative energy that was removed (neither her nor the person healing her seemed to see it before hand) was dumped into her aura and never properly cleansed. Now her normally bright, healthy aura is not so bright anymore. So, the aura became dark because of either past trauma that was hiding inside or due to an entity that attached on to her from her location…no one is really sure which one of it may be a combo of both. Anyway, she is prays a lot, because in Christ but really did this healing without doing much research and now needs my help…lol Sadly, I know nothing about this subject except from what I can find online. She is an empath like me and I feel her pain but I cant help. Can anyone here? I told her to do salt baths but Im wondering if anyone else has advice. I have read on here many times that they should not be cleansed..but i think someone that has had there aura darkened from a situation such as hers and NOT from her own actions should be able to clear this problem away. Any thoughts?..
I want to add more background on this question. I know NOTHING about this type of healing nor can I see auras. The info provided in the last details was what the healer told her (the negative energy stayed because she had something attached to her). The dark aura concept came from someone who told her all that negativity had been dumped into her aura because the healer had not properly sealed her after healing her so the stuff just came right back and stayed with her even after it was healed.
She lived in a home for about 14 months. At the 3rd month, she could not shake off the negative vibes and visions she got while asleep so she went to a spiritual adviser who told her some VERY bad things had happened in this home and the things she was seeing/hearing was a result of those events She ended up having the home blessed by a minister later on in the year because she could not longer sleep there. After the healing..she noticed it picked up and then she started to get a little ill.

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dogpatch USA

I look in the yellow pages under aura cleaners.


the aura does not exist

][ ǀȫǀ Ʈʘʘ ϻцϲн! lmao

You need an aural enema.

Benjamin W

It is dangerous to try to play with our aura’s in my opinion. It is to complicated and beyond our control. She should pray to Christ. Everyone’s aura’s get dark sometimes. My aura probably sucks.


try ……… “Jesus Christ”
Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Grounding and Releasing is vital. For this you are going to have to utilize Pagan practices.
Do not look at this as something that goes against your belief system because this one in particualr is just an exercise that will help. Its meditative and religiously neutral.
Good Luck.


Problems such as you have mentioned do not come from the aura not being cleansed, but rather from the emotional aspect of the clearing itself. It naturally brings up issues, feelings etc that have to be worked through.
Healing of any kind can often make people feel worse in the short term, as issues naturally work their way through the system. The removal of a negative block can often be like removing a bung from a bottle or the head from a spot.


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