Home Discussion Forum How can you believe in Astrology and Christianity at the same time?

How can you believe in Astrology and Christianity at the same time?

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  1. God gave us free will,we are not here to judge each others beliefs,but to learn from them.who are we to question what others do,and what they choose to embrace?

  2. well i believe that there are astrologists and that there are christians and that there are muslims and that there are buddhist and that there are jews, etc….
    i don’t understand your question

  3. If you truly believe in the Savior YAHOSHUA, you cannot also believe in Astrology. “Christians’ can believe in most anything except the truth of the Savior.

  4. You can’t either you are for astrology or Christianity to do both is a contradiction against one another christianity tells you not to associate with spirit-ism which is linked with astrology, fortune telling witch craft sorcery anything that a person rely on outside of God for a reference is forbidden

  5. Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
    Those constellations represent something. God wouldn’t have arranged them in a random manner. He created them for ALL to enjoy and they are not to have personal meanings. The question is, what do they represent? Think: From the virgin to the lion.

  6. Magic was the branch off the evolutionary religious tree which eventually bore the fruit of a scientific age. Belief in astrology led to the development of astronomy; belief in a philosopher’s stone led to the mastery of metals, while belief in magic numbers founded the science of mathematics.
    In science, God is the First Cause; in religion, the universal and loving Father; in philosophy, the one being who exists by himself, not dependent on any other being for existence but beneficently conferring reality of existence on all things and upon all other beings. But it requires revelation to show that the First Cause of science and the self-existent Unity of philosophy are the God of religion, full of mercy and goodness and pledged to effect the eternal survival of his children on earth.


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