Home Discussion Forum how can you balance an inbalance in your root chakra?

how can you balance an inbalance in your root chakra?

i’ve had an aura reading and apparently i have an imbalance in my root chakras. does chakra system work and how can you redress the balance?


  1. try meditating. concentrate on closing your chakras like flower petals closing. if you don’t know how to meditate just try relaxing regularly. you’ll be surprised how much it will help.

  2. You cut a potato in half eat one half and bury the other in a graveyard and jump over it at midnight.
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  3. I cant beleive how mean Doc F was!!! He’s clearly never studied any medicinal system with more than a hundred years history! Who did your aura reading – could they give you advise? Usually you need to use a few methods together (eg. medicinal plants, meditation, changing diet etc.) to really readress the balance so you are wise to consult an expert. Good luck xx

  4. I really believe in keeping your chakras clear and balanced. The root chakra is all about security and having a direction in life. Getting enough good quality sleep, eating well and generally looking after your physical body will great help this chakra. Also, lying down on your stomach with a crystal suitable for the root chakra will also help to bring it into balance. Walking, gardening and anything that grounds you is excellent also. This webpage has a list of crystals for each chakra plus more tips and advice on healing them.

  5. Balance to the chakras can be acheived through the process of creative visualization in meditation practice. When you meditate, chant the word “Om” with the visualization of each chakra. For instance, You would begin by filling yourself with white light. When that is accomplished, “see” in your mind’s eye, the root chakra at the base of your spine as being a clean, clear red. Spin the chakra, (about the size of an apple), clockwise, (as if you are the clock), unless you are in your menses cycle, at which time you can reverse the chakras and go counter-clockwise, (which, by the way will also relieve cramps). See the negative energy, (I see this as dark blobs coming off of the spinning disc), or flying off of the chakra. You go through each of the chakras respectively, they are like a color wheel. Here is the order if you don’t already know it.
    Red, base of spine; Orange, behind the belly button; Yellow, near the stomach; Green, behind the heart; Blue, behind the throat; Violet or Indigo (a dark purple), in the center of the brain. With each “Om”, you will be able to feel your body resonate to the note that you strike.
    Also, in conjunction with this, eating red fruits and vegetables will help to balance the root chakra. Best of luck!

  6. Yes it does work. An imbalance of the root chakra is associated with strength and development. Disorders such as mental problems ie: aggression or confusion or physical problems of the renal system, intestines or bones may result if the root chakra is not balanced.
    To balance your chakras out I definately recommend you have a Reiki treatment at your local complementary centre. It is non evasive, safe and very relaxing. Treatment time can take between 15 – 45 minutes and can be performed lying down or sitting up – which ever is most comfortable for you. After you have received your first Reiki treatment, you will then be given a distant healing treatment a few days later (normally therapists do this for free) to complement and strengthen the effect of the first treatment.
    Ps: ignore Dr F – he is just stuck in his old ways. Feel free to make a comment on my question relating to Dr F and Alternative therapies

  7. I highly recommend this guided meditation Cd for balancing all chakras & it really does work. it’s by a well knwon & respected author & she works with the angelic realm & the Cd has a day & night meditation.
    Otherwise you can imagine your root chakra as a beautiful colour of ruby & ask that any imbalances be purified in the white light of the Holy spirit.


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