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How can you achieve a deep meditation state?

I’m wondering how to meditate and feel like I’m in a different kind of state when meditating with full concentration, but I NEVER can. How can you like visit other worlds or something like that with meditation? What exactly happens when a person meditates really good? I don’t really know much about it, so if you any more about meditation, please say so. Thanks!


  1. Start talking to God. Just you and Him.
    And He will protect you from the dangers of “astro-travel”. He will not allow your soul to be exposed to demonic activity… which is where you headed if you expect to “leave you body”.

    The kind of deep, concentrated thinking in which a person seriously reflects on past experiences, ponders and muses over current matters, or thoughtfully contemplates possible future events.
    In order to meditate properly, a person needs to be free from distractions, alone with his thoughts, so to speak. Isaac, for example, went out walking alone in the early evening to meditate, possibly about his coming marriage to Rebekah. (Ge 24:63) It was during the solitude of the night watches that the psalmist meditated on the greatness of his Grand Creator. (Ps 63:6) The meditations of the heart should be focused on beneficial things, on Jehovah’s splendor and activities, on things pleasing to him (Ps 19:14; 49:3; 77:12; 143:5; Php 4:8), and not on the devices of the wicked.–Pr 24:1, 2.

  3. Practice.
    I wrote this response some time ago; something in it maybe helpful.
    Don’t let people confuse you about the object of meditation.
    It’s simply the lengthening of the gaps between thoughts and slowing down the thoughts by NOT buying into their dramas.
    It may take some time before you can just ‘observe’ the thought and let it ‘float’ way into the ether.
    The mind is like a two year old – it wants ALL your attention ALL the time.
    Don’t fight it – go with the flow.
    Learn to ‘manage’ the mind … softly softly catchee monkee.
    It may take some time for you to ‘control’ it.
    “is it good or bad?”
    Pure pleasure.
    “And how long have you been meditating?”
    Since the mid 80s.
    “has it affect you in anyway?”
    I don’t know anymore; it’s all so second nature.
    “Any dreams or out of body experiences?”
    The best (although very rare for me) are the OBEs whilst you wide awake.
    To explain, I was giving a talk at a conference in the early 90s and I seemed to step out of myself and become ‘the watcher’ for almost a minute.
    It was very amusing – on one level I was talking without missing a beat – on another level I was watching the man (me) give a talk.
    I know one of ‘us’ was smiling.
    You could say that I was multi-tasking, aye?
    I love them … these days.
    (After I came back from Vietnam I used to have a few nightmares …
    I’d like to think they’re a thing of the past)
    There is no set amount of time you ‘should’ do it.
    (Take should, ought and must outa your vocabulary)
    I’ve meditated from a few seconds to hours.
    Any moment spent stilling the mind is beneficial.
    There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to meditate.
    Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant, a liar or has some other agenda.
    You can meditate eyes open or closed.
    You can do it in silence or noise.
    You can ‘focus’ on anything or nothing at all.
    You can use noises (clock ticking, kids laughing or fighting, cars and sirens, etc) to intensify your meditation … with every sound I hear I will become even more relaxed.
    If you need to cough or scratch, do it.
    You can do it sitting, standing, lying, walking, driving, washing, cooking, etc.
    How often have you been so intensely doing something or driving somewhere and suddenly become ‘conscious’ and wonder where the time went?
    (Do NOT punish yourself for anything during meditation unless you’ve killed someone and then it’s too late anyway so you may as well relax while you can.)
    It is said that those who meditate don’t need to and those who don’t, need to.

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  5. A deep state of meditation is impossible to describe, it’s totally different to normal consciousness, (but not like a drug trip or a dream) it’s like someone took away all the stuff that was clouding your mind and you wake up and realize who you are and where you are. It’s intensely blissful and purifying as well.
    But really it’s like trying to describe a colour to a blind person- you have to experience it yourself to understand- everything else is just another bunch of words in your head.
    It’s not hard to get into meditation though- try here http://www.freemeditation.ca/


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