How can yoga help you lose weight?





Does it even help you lose weight? How? And can that be your only source of cardio thats enough to help? Ide like any facts about yoga 🙂 Thank you!
There are no yoga classes in my area. Im clueless….is there a way to do yoga on my own? How can i get help?


  1. it depends on how strenuous your yoga classes are. Some yoga classes are really intense and get your heart rate elevated, however many are really very low impact. you need to find an activity that gets your heart rate elevated for 40-60 minuetes 4-6 times per week. This may be high impact yoga, jogging, areobics etc.
    Keep in mind that a lot of people enjoy yoga because it is peacefull and relaxing… this is not the type of yoga that will help you lose weight,

  2. it teaches you to use every part of your body, using your weight, I would not have it as your only sourse of cardio. I just started 2 weeks ago, and I feel great. You cannot drink OJ before hand you will get sick. U will sweat like u are running. I had real bad joint pain, and I’m feeling good Like I said I just started but so far so good.

  3. Some types of yoga can help you lose weight, but not all types. There’s one that’s done in a hot room that’s set at a temp of around 97 degrees. That form, I can’t remember the name of it, makes you sweat A LOT! You can lose some weight that way.
    Other forms of yoga are more for relaxation. Yoga is good to add to your workout, but it shouldn’t be your sole form of cardio. You just won’t get enough to make a difference. I use yoga in addition to cardio. In fact, I use yoga and Pilates once a week each to vary my workout routine.
    If you’re looking for a good workout, try Pilates. You won’t work up that much of a sweat (especially on the floor version), but you’ll still get a great workout. If you pay for the Pilates reformer classes, those will put your body through a rigorous workout (staying balanced on a machine while you workout is hard!).

  4. I think YOGA is better than PILATES.. but thats me.. I think it also depends on ur faith in loosing weight and body structure.. because Ive tried yoga and its not tiring as pilates but u sweat more than during doing pilates… and u get in shape.. this is how u will loook better and slimmer.. working out ur muscles so they will be tight.. yoga is very good.. its the real thing.. I think walking and yoga is the best exercise … no need to run.. 🙂 enjoy and loose weight.. its no big u gain weight u can loose it!

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