How can we transfer energy wirelessly from space to earth?

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I had this idea… that if we got a sattelite made out of extremely heat resistant metal or alloy, and cover the thing in solar panels. We then get it close to the sun and have it absorb massive amounts of energy. The only problem I can think of other than getting it there is getting the energy to earth without physically moving it.

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Good thought, but not possible with our current technology.


Microwave radiation antennas. But they would have to be quite large (miles across) at both ends for any “economy of scale”.

Another Dude

Laser, Microwaves. People have already thought about this. The problem with lasers is that if something nudges the satellite and the laser moves away from it’s destination point, it’ll roast anything/anyone in its path. This satellite would most likely be in geostationary orbit, that’s the only place where it makes sense to put such a thing.


maybe you could focus microwaves idk this just seems familiar from some science documentary from class


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