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How can we tell who is Enlightened?

With all the different Buddhist paths out there how can we really know who is really Enlightened? Is one person’s view of Enlightenment the same as someone else’s? How does the Tibetan version differ from the Zen one?


  1. I dont think there is one enlightenment
    enlightenment is a personal journey and each journey will be different
    so whichever teacher/guru rings true with your heart is the one you take…
    although leave room for your own personal beliefs
    ( just my opinion )

  2. How does the person with dirty glasses tell if the window in front of them is clean or dirty?
    One cannot. One must BE one’s own teacher, and the people you meet must all become lessons to be learned.
    When you meet one, they’ll recognize your behavior from their own, and help you by pointing out your glasses. You’ll either be offended and feel attacked, or you’ll take off your glasses and clean them.
    Cycle continues, regardless.

  3. Path’s may be different but the destination is the same-hindu philosophy
    When rhere is No “I”,(Ego) that person is truly enlightened,no tere is no stages in enlightenment

  4. No not everyone’s path to enlightenment is the same. I experienced enlightenment through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, the loss of “ego and self” and the attainment of the Kingdom of God/Mind of Christ with agape love for humanity. This is different from the Buddhist path, different from Hinduism, Tao, etc, but it’s all back to the same God. I just know that Christianity is the truest path to God through light and love in Jesus Christ, the most enlightened ascended Master and Saviour there ever was.

  5. in real life all is hidden. it would be really great if the enlightened ones went around with a big mark distinguishing them. it would be equally good if all the evil people were marked also so we would know them. real life and the easy way are two different things… you’ll also notice within life the paths we follow are not marked either… god, what’s up?

  6. There are many paths to rome, and many ways to skin a cat.
    You can’t follow someone else’s path, therefore seek and find your own way.
    Many can be enlightened but not one of them by the same path.

  7. I think it is a journey many undertake and one which many will achieve, but are then unlikely to be involved with others to tell. The closest I have come to enlightened folk are the monks who live on Caldy Island in Wales, and I bet they wont give their formula for buckfast either


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