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How can we tell if someone has been affected by a subliminal message?

serious answers only, please. References/examples totally appreciated 🙂


  1. well. there are a bunch of subliminal messages all around us. you know how everyone likes apple now. i bet they do subliminal messages because that stuff is really low quality. our likes and dislikes are all products of what big companies tell us. its all a money making scheme. there are a bunch of great things out there that so many people don’t make a fuss out of.movies, pop, music, internet, tv they all have some sort of subliminal message. the radio, whenever you hear someone on the radio saying they like something chances are their boss told them to say that. movies tell us what to like.if we see a car in a movie, we end up liking that car. isn’t it funny how almost every movie has a ups truck driving by. that no coincidence. they have power over our mind in some crazy way. its so hard to even explain.don’t trust the media and all that other stuff i mentioned.they all do some sort of subliminal message because whenever they speak of something all of a sudden that thing will be making millions. making huge wads of cash. trust no one.

  2. You would need to be more specific to fully answer your question. However, the best way to determine the effectiveness of a particular subliminal message is within a controlled study. Offer the same surrounding and message to one group, and no message to the other with the same surrounding in tact. Then test for the message with a uniform question or trigger. If it is a random question of if people are affected by subliminal messaging, the answer is yes… the test is less reliable as there are no controlled settings, and it is very difficult to determine if the person received the message through an external stimulus.

  3. It’s really hard to tell.
    Usually it is noticed when after the subliminal message the persons behavior or preferences change.


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