How can we teach haters and racists to learn to love and turn their energy for hating into power for good?

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These people seem to put too much time and energy into trying to find negitive aspects of others.

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Highly improbable. Those people are often so irrational/illogical in their hateful thoughts and so far gone in their prejudices that little to nothing will get them to stop their discriminatory attitudes.


Ain’t gonna happen, man’s heart is evil and desperately wicked.

Coyote O

First we make human sized gerbil run wheels that power generators. Then we challange members of opposing racists to prove the superiority and power of their race by generating the most power.

Chris M

They want to find the negative. They work hard at it because its the only thing they have to go on. The first step on the right path is to start looking for similarities rather than differences. They can’t stand that idea because they’ve spent so much time building the image in their mind that the people they hate are more like animals. They feel that if they try to find similarities, they are lowering themselves. They probably have some guilt deep deep deep inside because they know that doesn’t make sense but they can’t change it in themselves. That doubt and that guilt make them even angrier. They focus that anger on the object of their hatred in order to fuel the fire even more.
Theres nothing you can do to change it. Hate is the opposite of Love it can be just as intense and just as blind. No one can be made to love. That has to come from within. They can do it if they want to, but it won’t come from an external source. They have to be convinced to fix themselves.
It’s not easy for anyone to admit their whole belief system is broken. Let alone make themselves realize they can fix it. Its easier to assign blame to someone else.
Thats the way I understand it anyway.
I’m interested to see what other people have to say.
Good luck.

One Wicked Girl FabalaElphieFae~

Everyone’s a little bit racist
It’s true
Cause everyone is just about as racist
as you

Ezra Cohen

The ADL is using its power for good so anyone can change.


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