Home Discussion Forum How can we protect ourselves from the negative energies of other people?

How can we protect ourselves from the negative energies of other people?

I got affected from negative people a lot. It is as if I absorb their negative energy.
How can I protect myself from that?
(My head begins to ache. I feel stressful suddenly etc. They give discomfort in my heart. I feel as if inside of me is swollen.)


  1. Counter it with your positive energy; if you’re positive and truly believe it in what you’re doing then it’s hard for negative energy to affect you.

  2. Misery loves company!! Choose your friends and acquaintances don’t let them choose you!! It is a proven medical fact that negative and hostile people can make you physically and mentally ill!! Hang out with positive and uplifting people and you will avoid a lot of pain and suffering and trauma to yourself!!!!

  3. The good thing is, you are aware of those negative energies when they hit you. I think you can’t eliminate the effect completely but surely you can minimize it.
    Set aside some time each day to meditate. It will build your mental strength and protect you from negative energies. The more you do this, the less they will affect you and the faster you will be able to bounce that.
    The form of meditation is not important. It can be meditation in a quiet place or it can be a peaceful walk in the park.

  4. Like the Bible say: be careful what you hear…..most energy comes from words which are VERY powerful, so only give your attention to positive people and avoid those who complain and bring you down. If you have to move, get a different job, etc. it is worth doing to save yourself. All cannot be avoided so learn to tune out the negative as much as you can, don’t listen to the news or chaotic music either.

  5. The first thing to remember is that being as sensitive to energies as your are is both a gift and a burden. There are good sources of information available and some that are questionable. The most important thing to remember is that you have the ability to exercise choice over these situations. The first thing to do when you feel them come on is to excuse yourself and get to a private area. Learning to use meditation to ground and center yourself is a good first step to getting free of another’s energy. Another very important thing to remember is that we all have different opinions as to how this unseen world is set up and we have to find our own way through this. Trust yourself and ask people who know your or whom you trust such as family and friends for advise. Good luck.


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