Home Discussion Forum How can we learn to voluntarily enter a special state of consciousness?

How can we learn to voluntarily enter a special state of consciousness?


  1. You can train yourself to go into an alpha state, if you find yourself doing it when you especially enjoy it, something like skiing, skating, running or scuba diving. You don’t need drugs to go into a special state. Also there is meditation. A lot of people feel differently about that. The best way is to find a quiet place where you can be sure you will not be interrupted. Relax by lying on your back with your palms up (corpse positon in yoga) or by sitting comfortable. Let thoughts slide off of you. Don’t fight the thoughts or try to hold onto them. If you fall asleep, it’s OK. When people used to teach TM (transcendental meditation) they gave you a special word to focus on. You could probably get the same effect from using a word of your own like “light” or something.

  2. It’s not so much entering a special state of consciousness but getting back to our natural state of conciousness. ~ : )

  3. For me its concentration. I need to focus on what state I need to be in. I am in one now trying to answer your q. A special need where you are concerned. You seem to ask so many in depth questions that sometimes I can t focus on your needs. Heck maybe old age with me. But I try any way.

  4. Quite difficult in the every day world. There is meditation of
    course, but to really experience any special states of
    consciousness there must be no distractions at all
    for long periods of time. That’s why people go to ashrams
    or Buddist retreats for 2 years or so. Cloistered nuns,
    by never speaking, feel 100% dedication to their God
    and devote all their time to prayer. To really achieve
    something life altering, one must retreat from the modern
    world as this is the antithesis of any clear state of mind,
    religious or otherwise. There are those people that can
    co-exist in chaos and still attain that kind of brilliance,
    but I’ve never met one in this country. I think they all
    live in Tibet (or did).

  5. The special state of consciousness you are seeking grows like a seed. The seed is knowledge that you are truly loved by the creator of this universe. That you are the result of millions of years of creation and development here on this planet. You are now conscious and aware of this greater existence and it wants you to know it can only love you because that is all it is.
    It does not wish you pain or hurt. It understand that these things exists so you can learn to understand the first cause of your own creation.
    Pay attention to your ears first and then see with your eyes. Bring the mind to rest by forcing the body to be still. When you have yourself very still you will find what you are holding in body and mind. Now let it go, repeat!

  6. We are in a state of consciousness but what we really need to learn is how to stay focused! If we are focused then we can more readily deal with the realities that come with being in a conscious state*

  7. A wish is as solid as a deed; a thought, the same as an act. You just intend it and it happens and which inertia will continue to proceed unless you voluntarily intend it to cease or change direction. Above all is to give it time to do so.

  8. Enter the now
    A student was walking through a pine forest with a Zen master. “Please,” the disciple begged, “tell me about enlightenment.”
    “See that tree,” the master said, pointing, “See how tall it is?”
    “Yes,” the student said.
    Then the master pointed to a different tree. “See how short this tree is?” he asked.
    “Yes,” said the student.
    “That is enlightenment,” the master replied.

    return to the now each day, even for a while, and that is how.
    what are you doing now Rena? you are reading this? interesting,
    see your eyelashes.
    hear your voice
    Feel what you are feeling
    do not imagine,
    be that blade of grass moving to the wind.
    breathe deep and enter the now
    this is where children live

  9. There are no “special states” if one is not intoxicated. Consciousness is the state of having cognition. If you have cognition, you have consciousness. “Sub-consciousness” is not a special state either; it is the hard-wired version from which we emerge into cognizance of being cognizant.


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