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How can we learn to articulate thoughts from the higher realms of consciousness?


  1. I use an ontological approach to “gently” noticing my repeated behaviour patterns that result from a motivation of “doing the right thing” and then unwrap them to discern what branch of my subconscious they originated from.
    I use the term “gently” to explain the idea of being able to notice what I am doing whilst still remaining fully participative rather than becoming observational (apart from that little bit :-))

  2. ‘Go with the flow’, I think sometimes – if your mental state is a good one.
    At other times ethical awareness (mindfulness) can help me.
    Generally, if I make a mistake, I can go back & change it later – or sometimes forward. 🙂
    Thanks for your wisdom, Yoda.
    ((((((Cosmic hugs))))))

  3. Practice! Try articulating smaller portions of your Truth. Don’t try to put all that you know onto a single page, you’ll get frustrated. Put your thoughts in order. Hold them, taste them, study them from the inside. Look for reflections of them in the world around you.
    Learn as many ‘languages’ as you can. Your own and others. Language of the mind, language of the body, language of the spirit, etc. There are many ways to articulate higher knowledge and experience to our self and others. Don’t hesitate to use poetry, mythology, scripture, imagery, gestures, etc. Compare notes with others. Borrow their words if it helps, they won’t mind. Be aware though, that the process of squeezing those thoughts into strings of words will have a distorting effect. There are many ways to convey inner knowledge, yet you must remember that the words are not the knowledge itself. That knowledge is formless. Be fearless, and trust in what you have to contribute, otherwise you’ll end up constantly second guessing yourself and ‘deleting’ what you were going to say.

  4. Cosmic Yoda !
    Yes, indeed, articulate them we will, but first the obstacle of language to overcome we must.
    Much wisdom in you I sense, cosmic brother of mine. :-)))
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{Cosmic Consciousness}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  5. You, (carefully, I suspect), use the word ‘articulate’, Yoda.
    I don’t think that’s so difficult. Quite easy, in fact.
    “I felt a swirling in the room as all our psyches melded into one.” I experienced that, and I can articulate it.
    It’s when articulation tries to become communication that the problem arises. Anybody who hasn’t had a similar experience to what I felt in that meditation group would listen to my words and say, “Wot?”
    I suppose that the best we can do in communication is to hint, to give intriguing suggestions that might entice someone to look for for him or her self.
    Poetry sometimes does it.
    In truth though, ‘The truth that can be told is not the eternal truth’. And I reckon that’s true.
    (Have I made any sense at all?)
    I think tea is in order. Zen tea, not this Darjeeling I have by my side, nice though that is.

  6. Beyond time,
    beyond space,
    beyond thoughts.
    Not learning,
    not unlearning.
    The pathless path,
    the true Dharma *eye*.

  7. We are vehicles. When we find the “right” words to reach just ‘one somebody’, they arise from the mystery.
    To take ownership or personalize often ends up in a quagmire of personalities.
    When we learn to listen, with the heart, small miracles can surface.

  8. First remove all fear then focus the mind on an image of the earth as it appears in space, now… where do you want to go, what do you want to know? Ask questions.

  9. First step, connect with the higher realm, with what ever method you use.
    (Or breathe easy and make a mental intent that you want to receive divine guidance.)
    Be still, and allow yourself to be flooded with the energies of the higher realm, so that you feel saturated by them, and have no residual emotional or mental energy hanging in your channel.
    Next, offer the question or problem up, and wait for it to respond, soon you will have a solution or at least a directions, which would be very different from what your own mental thought process would offer.
    Now, you will know exactly what you say or do in that moment.
    With time this process will get easier, and your channeling shaper and more clearer as your energies get clearer too with it, also the more you practise it for others the sharper it will get.
    Avoid adding any mental perspectives to the knowledge you are receiving, first just receive, with an empty mind, so that the flow isn’t disturbed, and then you can analyze as much as you want.
    The more you use this knowledge in your life for every small thing in your life, the more inspired life can you lead, day by day.


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