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how can we how a another spiritual awakening like we had back in the 60`s?

Notice that in 1955,it was black and white but the beatniks and the hippie but most of all lsd help change us into from the leave it to beaver era into a bright colorful awakening when we hitted the summer of love era.It change our whole concept on life,and i feel like we need another experience like that in order to progress in life that is in ahead of us.


  1. every spiritual development has some material basis. the 60’s probably had much to do with the rising prosperity of the middle class, incl. the black middle class, and the ability (and willingness) of lots of parents to pay for their kids’ process of self-discovery (and presumably that happened because it helped keep their sons in college and out of the vietnam war).

  2. this new spiritual awakening is already underway,for they are all a gift from me,practice the holy rosary,practice makes perfect.,we love you all,the holy family.

  3. the social conditions do call for such an event, i am afraid that today’s awakee’s will screw it up some how, people ar way more selfish than in those days


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