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how can we get protected against any kind of blackmagic voodoo and negativity?

blackmagic is a very serious issue,some people think that it doesnt exist,some others think that if you dont believe on it it will not harm you,unfortunately it does exist and no matter what you believe if the magician focus on you and have skills on the blackmagic art,you might have a serious problem.we are basicaly atoms and eachone of us is covered by a magnetic field or aura emiting a particular frequency sound vivration, this is our protection against negativities.what blackmagic is about is that some blackmagicians can penetrate our magnetic field and this way create in the victime a state of complete undefense against all negativities.the simptoms of blackmagic are;the victime can get depressive,the have horrible nightmares,the victime lives in a constant quarrel,and negativity and bad luck is all around.in tantra the sadhakas learn to deal with ;spirits, ghosts demons, and bad forces, aswell as with the good ones,in the vedic, and most of all in the tantrik literature, is explained how a myriad of spirits, can be commanded by will, under certain rituals and invocation techniques,some of these spirits are demons(asuras) and evil ghosts,that their only purpose is to possess a body to change his personality and satisfy their wishes.the world of ocultisme is vast and unknown and we live in a much crowded world than what the average human eye can see or percieve.the explanation is that when someone die,the soul of the person can decide to stay on earth,due to the attraction of previous unsatisfied wishes.then this spirit look for a victime to reincarnate and get what he allways wanted.this is explained in the book of dead .well the best and more secure way to get rid of spirits and blackmagic,is to rebuild our aura and then strenghten it.in india ,the gurus heal the blackmagic,by fasting one week while performing satkarmas(inner body cleaning techniques,like kunjal kriya, basti and neti kriya)during the fast, they practice pranayam(yogic breathing techniques)and kavach mantra sadhana(protective magical formulas or words)after the fasting they keep a strict vegetarian dieta for one month and keep their kavach mantra sadhana and pranayam till the end of the month.the resault is a total purification of the body and a brilliant strong healthy aura,where no spirit or blackmagic can live.im gonna let here the best mantra against blackmagic and some adress to learn the right pronunciation.incase of hard blackmagic attack the mantra should be recited with concentration and loud 108 times at dawn noon and dusk.it might look hard but if the victime give it a try would understand how important it is and would be relieved from suffering depression anger and from all blackmagic stuff.the king mantra against blackmagic is the famous mrityunjaya mantra from siva,this mantra is considered the heart of vedas.and provides(bliss)health,protection,and good luck.the mantra goes om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhin pushti vardhanam -urvaarukamiva bandhanat- mrityor mukshiya maAmritat.learning this mantra and daily recitation, will protect you from all kinds of evil and blackmagic.the recitation of the 32 durga names are prescrited for twisted matters like hard blackmagic simptoms,they bring absolute mental balance and eradicates all kinds of mental worries and distress.the mrityunjaya mantra you can learn it on youtube,and the 32 durga names you can learn them also on youtube just write “Paramhansa satyananda his chantings pictures and books”this is the guru of the famous bihar school of yoga,the world largest yoga and tantra asociation,and these are the mantras that he teaches.well i hope this article helps anyone under any kind of trouble and sorry for my horrible english,its not my mother language,god bless.


  1. Someone i know is doing voodoo black majic on me . And its my ex girlfriends mom . Ive been dealing with this.for 2 years now . Ive been praying reading the bible nothing has changed . Its like i feel like im going be stuck like this forever i.dont know where too go who too talk too because i feel like they dont believe me .. I dont know what too do im,berly 18 . Im not living my life right .. The only reason i think she did this to me because.she didnt want too,accept that her daughter likes girls i need help .. Someone anyone .

  2. I need to get curse off me by a African Kenya man. Has sent chills through me for 2 ans a half years some please seriously help me.

  3. Hi I do not know what to say at this point because I am helpless. It has been 4 years that my family is suffering from Black magic.We know who are those cruel people. Every single member of our family is victim.I was the first one who got attacked and now its every single member of my family who is suffering. We did puja.We took help from well know healers from India but the treatment seems temporary . Please give me some sugestion

    • Hy dear u knw wat just go to a goddess kaali temple and rotate a coconut round your head nine times and break it on the stair of temple it will definitely end any sort of black magic just make sure cocunut HV water trust lord Shiva and mata parvati dey r ruling this earth not dose taantriks who do magics for 200rs :p v r bholey nath’s children n v can not loose from dese demons lord is wid us

    • Breaking coconut in maa Kali temple was ordered to me by goddess herself in my dream wen I was under a spell which I never knew till 3 yrs I thought it was just a dream but I followed instructions of mata 3 yrs later I was told by a person in mata’s chowki DAT I was under a spell by a person morral of my story is gods keep protecting us without letting us know all u HV to do is to believe DAT no one is more powerful Dan our lord Shiva and mata parvati who r our parents 🙂 adding to u’r knowledge black magicians do siddhis of mata Kali or lord Shiva which dey revealed in holy books but dis is not the whole tantra so practically if u admit yourself to be deir child dese sidhi mantras will not harm u coz u consider u’rself to be da child of lord who created dis whole tantra thing it doesn’t matter if u knw lesser mantras Dan dose tantriks or u knw no mantra at all u r still more close to bholey bath and mata parvati if u believe so just believe lord Shiva and mata parvati r u’r parents and dey will never hurt deir child it’s just DAT simple trust me I HV survived more black magic attacks Dan u but never visited any taantrik for help coz my parents lord Shiva and mata parvati r more concerned to me Dan any taAntriks so stop looking for help instead recognise yourself for the real you who u r 🙂 har har mahadev 🙂 bholeynath humaare sath 🙂


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