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How can we elevate the level of consciousness of the world about the chaos that is becoming greater every day.

And the fear instigated by it, and our freedom being reduced to ”protect us”. Is there anything we can do to counter that in any way and what approach is the best, in your opinion, to not sound crazy while trying to preach the bad news. And what attitude should we have towards it.
First i would like to add that i am Canadian and not anti-anyone when it comes to elections since i barely watch tv and couldn’t care less…i feel the same for my country when it comes to that.
To Dave…what about the patriot act…i would like to know your opinion on that.
To Kobaincito….anger is certainly not the way to go. And b-t-w, Hitler was fighting the new world order and i am not saying here that i necessarily agree with his practices….but taking a closer look and getting both sides of the story can be interesting.
I was really hoping for intelligent feed-backs here….still waiting….
why have some of the hijackers and passengers have been found alive?…as they say anyways…


  1. ))) and our freedom being reduced to ”protect us”.(((
    What freedoms have you lost, or had “reduced” specifically? I keep hearing that mantra, yet no proven examples are forthcoming.
    I have lost no freedoms, and I doubt anyone else has either, but they sure want to mewl about these “lost” freedoms.
    Thats one thing that would help, get the lefties to stop lying as much. Give us facts, not anti-Bush mantras.
    EDIT: What about the patriot act? I asked you a question, and all I get is “what about the partiot act”. Has this impacted you personnaly? Do you know of anyone that has been affected by it?
    I doubt it.

  2. You shouldn’t have an attitude about it because you don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know what sort of freedoms of yours have been reduced but obviously it is a personal problem pertaining to only you. If you know you are already sounding crazy, then why do you continue to speak? Why don’t you leave? Honestly, if you don’t like the way America is, then get the hell out. The rest of us don’t want you here anyways.

  3. First of all you need to chill out and stop letting people agitate you to the level that you believe that everything is bad and the end is near and we are losing this and that. We are a nation to which terrorists have declared war, it is silly to think that we can have the same level of personal freedom that allowed them to attack us. That we are “losing our freedom” is election year sloganeering. Everything will be OK, there are good people in the military and at all levels of government who are just like the rest of us and interested in personal freedoms too. The media and politicians whip people into a paranoid, fearful frenzy everyday but in reality little has changed in our daily lives. You are letting the talking heads of television and politics set your life agendas. We get this blared at us all the time…..we have to be searched when we fly, oh my….they are going to take our guns but I can buy five on my way home from work today if I want them….we will ahve to have a passport to travel like everyone else in the world. Its going to be OK. All kinds of activists want you to be upset and at crisis stage all the time. Forget them. Live your life.

  4. Protest! let’s bring these thieves down! they are trying to brainwash you. They don’t want you to care about the life of non-whites so they call the “terrorists”.
    The thieves in the White House and in the networks want you to think that it is all right for americans to murder in order to keep up your standard of living.
    We need to bring them down. We must let everyone know that peace is the only answer!!! We need to agitate and stnad up. Speak truth to power.
    Study the iraq war and the history of US intervention, stealing from the VIetnamese, from Panama, from Nicaragua… learn you history and stop the NAZIS in your government.
    The people who say they have lost no rights are like the Germans who saw nothing wrong wtih the Jews being taken away. It;s the “so long as it’s not us” mentality, but eventually it will be you.

  5. 24 hour news has already over elevated everybody’s level of consciousness.
    Turn off the tube and go volunteer for a local non-profit.


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