Home Discussion Forum how can u work on seeing auras?

how can u work on seeing auras?


  1. You can’t see someone’s aura, if they even exist. Trust me, it isn’t possible. An aura is more figurative, kind of a word that describes the kind of feelings a person gives off.
    Please try to work on your English skills, too.

  2. Get the book “What color is Your Aura”. It is in the library by a gal from california. She says she saw them as a child and expected we all did. We can learn to feel the aura first . Seeing will come often when a group will do it to impress you. The female is suited to the radio reception more than the male but the male is suited to producing a stronger signal than the female. Hindu religion allows the free discussion of the field but here it is kept for the religious ceremonies to impress people. Since the science of it is so complicated there is no one solution . The web is full of gross lies about it but where else can you look. Many have special abilities that some cant get. It eventually leads you to study the essence of life and the power of the gods.

  3. Experiment with your own aura first… try taking your finger tips and touch them together with your other hands finger tips… almost like clapping… when you do this make sure you are faced to a very dark area with a light shining in back of you … when you do this you should be able to see the color of your aura as lines coming off your finger tips in the bursts that you separate them from each other in the dark area you have chosen to face (i find underneath my computer desk works decent)… experiment with different speeds… slow works best for me.

  4. I saw an aura once. It was really obvious when I saw it. I had been doing a lot of self actualizing seminars and eating really clean. I had been meditating a little bit and I was in a really clear space.
    The trainer to a seminar I was in, was up on the podium speaking. I looked up after our group meditation and could see his yellow aura, spiked with red. It blew me away, because back then I didn’t even know what an aura was!


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