HomeDiscussion Forumhow can u train urself to see auras?

how can u train urself to see auras?


  1. This is not a true art. Seeing auras is completely false. You may choose to believe in it. But I have personally taken the time to meet with people who claim they can see my aura and read it’s energy to determine how I am feeling. All of them were full of crap. The stuff you see one TV is very far from the truth.

  2. they don’t exist sorry to disapoint you..maybe you could try taking some drugs n then trying ..i don’t really know..or just make yourself believe you are seeing something that isn’t there

  3. Its easier to feel auras with your finger tips. Close your eyes tight and have someone bring their hands or finger near your body without touching you. You should be able to feel a disturbance on your skin when the fingers are about 1 inch away.

  4. you cant really physically see them but i for instance can feel how a person is just by looking at them. and no its not one of those judging people before you know them things. im always right when it comes to this and also i connect certain words with colors so i think technically some people could say that they see almost into a person but there’ s not a physical halo of color around a person


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