How can twins make their telepathy stronger?

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I have a twin & we sometimes say what the other one is thinking before they say it and we tell each other stuff in our heads. This happens with friends too, but ours happens a lot. Are there any exercises we can work on to make them stronger?

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Its not telepathy you know. Its because your around each other allot, tell each other everything, and do the same things.


They should try to mutually help each others. Both of them should unitedly put some extra effort.


You have this connection because of the “trust factor”. As twins, you have a lot in common besides the date of birth. When there’s an unspoken sense of trust between two people — like mother & child, or between siblings — it is almost as if they can read each others’ minds.
This can be extended to the psychological realm as something we are born with, but don’t realize (yet). To make it stronger, increase the trust factor and share things that matter, together.


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